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Fresh Pawz Bringing a New Spin to the Pet Market: Doggie Streetwear

·4 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2020 / Founded in 2018, Fresh Pawz is the official streetwear brand for dogs. Owner and founder Christopher Cargnoni always loved dogs and realized there was a missing piece in the dog accessory market: streetwear. The casual clothing style achieved international appeal in the '90s, beginning with New York hip-hop fashion and later incorporating elements of California skate culture. Over the decades, streetwear has been shaped by everything from music, sports, fashion; it embodies a culture of its own. Before Fresh Pawz, there were no streetwear options for dogs.

Fresh Pawz was created in order to bridge the gap between pop culture and pet products without losing sight of what matters most: the comfort and safety of our beloved dogs. Fresh Pawz produces exclusive designs without skimping on quality. Each item, from harnesses to hoodies, is made with functionality and longevity in mind. The harnesses, for example, are fully adjustable and made with a combination of breathable mesh and padded neoprene to keep dogs cool on hot days and dries quickly on rainy ones. Meanwhile, a 4-point lock system enhances security, and reflective tape maximizes nighttime visibility.

Small touches like these set Fresh Pawz apart from the crowd. Ultimately, the company aims to revitalize the pet market with an entirely different breed of accessories that allow people's dogs to effortlessly become an extension of their lifestyle.

Fresh Pawz is one of the first streetwear-inspired pet businesses around, so this is a new frontier. They offer the best balance of variety, quality, and affordability. They are the only true brand in this category, meaning they develop and create all of their products. They do not purchase catalog products from China. That is the reason why they are sold in major retailers like Macys, Petco, Zumiez, Target, and more.

Fresh Pawz is the only streetwear-for-dogs brand featured on major publications like Hypebeast, Nice Kicks, People Magazine, and many others that love what they are bringing to the pet world. They are the only streetwear-for-dogs brand that has major collaborations with brands like Spongebob, NBA, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Death Row Records, etc. They offer the most variety in products from toys, accessories, beds, carrier bags, apparel, and shoes. They also have a luxury line of precious metal collars and leashes that naturally come with a higher price tag, but there are clients out there who want these types of products as well.

They're constantly working on new collaborations, new product ideas, and new designs, so their product lines will never be outdated or boring. That way, their customers can refresh their dog's style to always reflect their current style.

Fresh Pawz was inspired by streetwear, but the real motivation behind it was Christopher's relationship with his own dog and the fact that his family has had a dog in it since he was born. So there's a deep-rooted connection with dogs. Dogs are unbelievably loyal and stand by your side no matter what. They deserve the best, but unfortunately, they don't always get it. Stray dogs and abandoned pets struggle to survive on the streets, and there are far too many for shelters to house them all. This leads to a tragic number of euthanasias. By donating 5% of every purchase to the Petfinder Foundation, Fresh Pawz gives dog lovers a way to love their own dogs and give back to others at the same time.

Additionally, Fresh Pawz is a Black-owned business that strives to support other outstanding Black-owned pet businesses nationwide. The Fresh Pawz site recently featured a blog post covering some of the best Black-owned pet businesses of 2020, including several founded by kids and teens. By bringing visibility to these incredible young entrepreneurs, Fresh Pawz hopes to encourage a new era of pet shopping: one in which people care about who and what they're supporting before they buy their next bag of dog food.

Company: Fresh Pawz
Email: info@freshpawz.com
Phone number: 734-645-3633
Website: FreshPawz.com
Facebook: Fresh Pawz

SOURCE: Fresh Pawz

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