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FRESH USA Introduces a RFID Parking System Featuring Automated Opening of Barrier Gates

NORTHBROOK, IL / ACCESSWIRE / April 26, 2016 / Parking lots, garages, campuses and gated communities looking for a turnkey solution to their parking management can now take advantage of the new RFID parking system.

RFID is the product of FRESH USA, a Chicago-based company specializing in retail and industrial automation equipment.

"Total automation is one of the highlights of the RFID system," said FRESH CEO Leri Tomin. Using the RIFID system, vehicles can pass through parking barriers without pressing buttons or using any remote controls.

"The secret to the automatic opening of the barrier gates is a tag applied inside the windshield or any other place which is identified by a reader that opens the gate," explained Tomin. The tag is either a plastic card or a sticker.

The "back-end" of the system is also easily set-up. The software can be installed on any computer with a Windows operating system and one recent FRESH client, the Olympia Fields Country Club, said that they were able to "install and configure the RIFID system in less than an hour."

Once installed the RFID parking software displays the following information: entry / exit time, number of the vehicle, vehicle owner, vehicle's and owner's photo. The software also allows the operators to enter in the full data of the vehicle and its owner and restrict access by time and category (for employees). The data in the RFID system can also be exported to an EXCEL spreadsheet, and the whole system can be integrated with other software.

For companies and institutions thinking about upgrading their present parking equipment, the RFID parking system and software can be easily installed and connected to any previously established barriers and gates.

A golf club using the RFID system said that "Our members are particularly pleased with the fact that now they can enter the territory of the club, without reducing the speed, and do not wait for the barrier to open."

More information about the RFID parking system can be found on the FRESH website http://www.fresh222.us/rfid_parking.php


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