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Freshii introduces the Energii Bite Smoothie – a Dairy Free Frozen Summer Treat!

TORONTO, June 28, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freshii (FRII.TO) the fast-growing health and wellness brand best known for making healthy food convenient and affordable has launched a new summer flavor for its lineup of smoothies.  The limited-edition menu offering is a unique twist on the customer favourite “Energii Bite” that is made with peanut butter, chocolate, rolled oats, honey and coconut.

Freshii’s Director of Menu Innovation, Katie Rosenberg, knows that the Energii Bite Smoothie will be a summer hit, “in listening to feedback, it was clear that Freshii guests love our Energii Bites and there was an opportunity to do more. When it came time to introduce a new summer smoothie we wanted to have the flavours that made our Energii Bite so successful offered in a smoothie form. Our early customer tests resoundingly indicate that we were able to accomplish exactly that!” 

The Energii Bite smoothie starts with a coconut milk base that is blended with ice, banana and a whole Energii Bite - guests can get a further nutritious boost by adding protein.

Try the exciting and new limited time offer flavour for yourself today. To learn more about the Freshii brand, the menu offering, and restaurant locations, see below.

About Freshii
Eat. Energize. That’s the Freshii mantra. Freshii is a health and wellness brand on a mission to help citizens of the world live better by making healthy eating convenient and affordable. With a diverse and completely customizable menu of breakfast, soups, salads, wraps, bowls, burritos, frozen yogurt, juices, and smoothies served in an eco-friendly environment, Freshii caters to every taste and dietary preference.

Freshii was founded in 2005 and spans 446 stores across 16 countries. Now, guests can energize with Freshii’s menu anywhere from cosmopolitan cities and fitness clubs to sports arenas and airplanes.

Inquire about how to join the Freshii family: https://www.freshii.com/ca/en-ca/franchise.
Learn more about investing in Freshii: http://www.freshii.inc.
Learn about the Freshii brand: https://vimeo.com/195658178.
Find your nearest Freshii: http://www.freshii.com.
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