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Friday's letters: GOP control; pro-fetus, not pro-child; unsafe streets

·4 min read
Thousands of devoted fans turned out for former President Donald Trump's rally at the Sarasota Fairgrounds in July 2021.
Thousands of devoted fans turned out for former President Donald Trump's rally at the Sarasota Fairgrounds in July 2021.

Today’s Republicans assault our freedoms

There’s a stunning level of shamelessness in the Republican/DeSantis co-opting of the word “freedom,” when their actions represent the opposite.

Remember that these are the same politicians who seek to:

  • Remove women’s bodily autonomy.

  • Dictate a public school curriculum that whitewashes reality, science and American history.

  • Force taxpayers to fund religious schools.

  • Make it harder for certain groups to vote.

  • Stick their noses into our bedrooms.

In addition, taking a cavalier attitude toward a deadly disease removes citizens’ freedom to be safe in public. The same applies to making firearms more widespread in public.

Republicans constantly attack regulations, but these rules are in place for a reason. Removing them assaults our freedom to have safety in the marketplace, workplace and environment.

Traditional Republicans who believe in limited government intrusion into our lives must find the party’s current behavior outrageous. The current version of their party does not stand for even the values it once espoused.  It merely seeks power and sees the route to that passing through Trumpism.

But the Jan. 6 hearings have shown where that pothole-strewn road leads.

Our response must come at the ballot box. Vote, vote, vote!

Peter Burkard, Sarasota

U.S. pro-fetus, not pro-life or pro-child

So as abortion was not mentioned in our Constitution, the Supreme Court has taken women back to the 18th century. But as we know, constitutions can and have been changed in the past. In fact, they must, as societies grow and evolve.

And if the court was truly "pro-life," wouldn’t it ban military-style assault weapons as well? After all, their only purpose is to kill many people quickly, including children.

Aren’t the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms clearly linked to a “well-regulated militia”? So why not go back to the 18th century drawing board on that issue?

That is unlikely. Obviously, the U.S. is neither "pro-life" nor "pro-child" – it is just “pro-fetus.” The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child was ratified by close to 200 countries; only the U.S. and Somalia have never joined.

And when it comes to early childhood care we are an outlier as well. All other rich countries contribute an average of $14,000 per year for a toddler’s care; in the U.S. it is only $500.

Yet now we will force unwanted pregnancies on women? Unconscionable.

Civilizations have come and gone in history. Some cling to outdated rules, and they decay and fall. Others adapt and persist. Please, let us join the second group.

Baerbel Kavanaugh, University Park

Use DNA to track down fathers

On June 28, the newspaper featured a front-page story on a requirement in Springs at Tradition, in Port St. Lucie, that residents submit DNA samples of their dogs so that dog waste can be traced back to owners not cleaning up after their pets.

What a great idea! How about we register every male human being in America so that when a child is born, those males who committed rape or incest – or who were simply were looking for sex without the inconveniences of responsible fatherhood – can be traced and made accountable for their actions?

Now that some states are moving to prohibit a woman’s right to an abortion, it seems the least we can ask of the men is to endure a swab of the mouth.

Or is that counter to some sort of constitutional “right of privacy” men wish to claim, while letting women fend for themselves without any such rights?

Bob Clark, Venice

Too many refugees from lawless blue cities

In response to your Reader Question: Sarasota has been a very safe place to live over the years. However, I fear that rapid growth may change that dynamic.

Perhaps we should close our borders to those who are fleeing blue cities because they’ve turned them into unlawful dumps. I'm talking about those blue city refugees who champion blue city policies such as defunding the police, letting criminals rule the streets, advocating drug abuse and brainwashing children in school.

Oops, I forgot. We can’t close our borders, but perhaps we can make them feel unwelcome!

Melissa Morrill, Sarasota

Speeding drivers make streets unsafe

The Sarasota-Manatee area is not safe. Drivers frequently drive 20 mph or more over the speed limit, making our neighborhoods unsafe for pedestrians.

The county sheriffs and city police departments are not stopping this behavior. They need to make it a priority to control and penalize this hazardous activity.

David Wright, Sarasota

Gunman in shooter training carried pistol

I applaud the police for holding an active school shooter training session, as described in the Gulf Coast section June 27.

However, there was one glaring mistake I saw in the photo on C1. The “bad guy” isn’t holding an AR-15.

Patricia Flynn, Sarasota

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: GOP's assault on freedoms, DNA can trace baby daddies