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Friend- Digital Freedom to the Masses

STAVANGER, NORWAY / ACCESSWIRE / September 4, 2018 / Friend is a platform created within the blockchain domain to revolutionize the way the world interacts with computers. Founded in the year 2014, Friend Software started to build Friend | The Internet OS, based on the belief that everyone should have full control over their respective data, with easy access to it from any location. It aims at providing a platform where people own their own data and enjoy their digital lives without having to juggle between multiple corporate ecosystems. Platform, silo and device independent.

Introduction to Friend and its Working

Friend is a blockchain Internet OS. Its main user interface, the Friend Workspace, can be reached from any modern browser. It resembles any modern operating system because of its icons, apps, and menus. However, it is not a replacement for operating systems, rather it runs on top of them, combines them and thereby offers a unified and powerful interface to a new domain of blockchain-powered applications. Friend can also combine any conventional (non-blockchain) software, application or resource in the same user-experience.

It is basically an autonomous Cloud Computer owned and controlled by its users, and can be accessed by any laptop, desktop, TV or handheld device in the world. By acquiring the Friend Network Token (FRND), holders will be able to run apps, trade resources, exchange data, etc. without the need of any centralized corporation. This will directly increase the access and lower the computing cost for the users.

The Five Pillars of Friend

Below are the five prominent pillars on which the Friend Network is built:

1. Freedom

By turning over data control of the technologies to the users, Friend aims at offering unparalleled freedom. It is a unified platform where users can work on various tools irrespective of their geographical location. These tools help users conceptualize their ideas, build their own applications, and distribute them on the platform within seconds. The platform also hosts a powerful instant messaging and peer-to-peer video conferencing software that facilitates uninterrupted communication.

2. Intelligence

Friend provides access to data processing, which means it provides access to intelligence, thus allowing people across the world to enhance their personal development by solving problems and taking informed decisions. By providing access to data processing, it enables users to save hours which were earlier spent on mundane tasks. Friend allows easy and valuable insights that help users simplify their daily processes.

3. Empowerment

Friend is a free and open platform where global users get easy access to powerful tools and massive storage space. It helps people distribute educational information, employment opportunities, upward mobility, etc. With a golden opportunity to build a strong future, this platform is setting a new benchmark for personal empowerment across the globe.

4. Privacy

Privacy plays an important role in a decentralized platform like Friend. By delivering exceptional security and data privacy, it ensures that the users are protected from corporate or structural abuse. The interface protects the data before it is stored on the server by encrypting the user’s device. Furthermore, by granting anonymous access to the Friend Network, it allows users to decide how and when they want to expose their identity.

5. Integration

With digital structures getting more complex with passing time, it is important to integrate data to simplify the processes. Friend integrates services, data, and devices to organize complexities in a much simpler form. By aggregating user’s internet space into a workspace, this platform can organize information into applications, disks, and directories.

On the whole, Friend is sustainable project with both commercial and humanitarian focus. Is it built with a vision to provide a free and future-proof operating ecosystem as a starting point, devoid of financial restrictions, corporate interests, and enforced paradigms. It is an emerging infrastructure that offers equal growth opportunities to people all around the world. On top of this, or as a separate commercial instance, users can augment the user experience with computing resources, applications and services by using the FRND token in the Friend Store marketplace.


Arne Peder Blix
Friend Network AS
Hillevågsveien 14 - 4016 Stavanger

SOURCE: Friend