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'Frozen 2' could 'easily' break $1 billion: Box Office Guru founder

Jennifer Shanker
Segment Producer

Disney’s (DIS) “Frozen 2” debuted this weekend, bringing in $127 million in North America and $350 million worldwide. It’s never easy following up an original hit film like “Frozen,” but “Frozen 2” managed to break the record for the biggest global opening of all time for an animated film. 

The first “Frozen” made $1.28 billion globally, became the top-grossing animated release of all time, and won the Oscar for best animated feature in 2014. The film’s main track “Let It Go” also won the Oscar for best original song. 

As the positive reviews roll in for this highly anticipated sequel, “Frozen 2” just might be able to match its predecessor financially. “I see it easily breaking $1 billion, and maybe challenging the $1.28 billion of the first “Frozen” for the all-time record,” said Box Office Guru founder Gitesh Pandya on YFi AM.

An image from "Frozen 2." Image: Disney

The film’s advance sales may also be an early predictor of a successful run. “They had record-breaking advance sales. That’s how you know you have a blockbuster on the way. People are willing to pay for the tickets and the fees in advance, then you know you have a blockbuster opening,” Pandya said.

“Frozen 2” featuers beloved characters from the first film, including Olaf the snowman. “I think they knew that people liked him so much. There's more of him in this film. But the first one played for a long, long time. It had great legs, not just here but around the world,” said Pandya.

“Creatively, the sequel is a sequel. It's not as good or as magical as the first one. But having said that, it does give you what you're looking for — the songs, the characters,” he said.


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