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Frustrated Tyrod Taylor hasn’t considered asking for a trade

Mike Florio

Tyrod Taylor left Buffalo as the starting quarterback and arrived in Cleveland with that same title. Even after the Browns picked Baker Mayfield with the first overall selection in the draft, it was believed Taylor would be the starter all year.

Then came an injury during a Week Three game against the Jets, in came Mayfield, and out went Taylor, for good (baring injury to Baker Mayfield).

“It is frustrating, but it is a part of the game at the same time,” Taylor told reporters on Wednesday. “Eight years in, you understand some things happen that you can’t control. Not wanting to complain, just have to continue to keep being myself day in and day out, continue to be a leader and like I said, help the team in any way. This is a different role, but I am here to offer as much knowledge, as well as just trying to share my view point of things, that can help the defense or offense.”

Taylor was asked whether he has considered asking for a trade in advance of the closing of the window for making deals in only 13 days.

“It really has not been a part of my mindset,” Taylor said. “Just more so have been focusing on getting better each and every day. Those things happen in the league. That really has not been a part of my mindset.”

Taylor also said the possibility of being traded hasn’t even entered his mind.

“I really have not thought about it,” Taylor said. “Of course, I love to compete and I want to be out there playing, but I have not thought about those opportunities. Like I said, more so just focusing on getting better and doing things that I can help this team in any way. . . . I just continue to keep my head down and continue to keep working, like I said, helping the team.”

Helping the team apparently won’t include playing this weekend at Tampa, even though Mayfield twice tweaked his ankle on Sunday against the Chargers. Mayfield described the ankle as “good,” and by all appearances he’ll be playing.