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FTC sues Staples; more E. coli at Chipotle; retailers reject card chip technology

U.S. stocks (^DJI, ^GSPC, ^IXIC) are under pressure at the midday market. Will a bounce in crude oil help the market pare losses?

Here are some of the other stories we're keeping an eye on today at Yahoo Finance:

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FTC challenges $6.3B Staples-Office Depot deal

The FTC is suing Staples to prevent its purchase of Office Depot. Shares of both companies are falling. What’s behind the FTC’s challenge?

Chipotle shares fall amid E. coli and sales issues

News of yet another E. coli outbreak is causing serious PR problems for Chipotle. Basketball players at Boston College are claiming to have fallen sick after eating at the restaurant. How is Chipotle handling this crisis situation?

Why your new credit card is not as safe as you think

A big warning for shoppers this holiday season: your new credit card may not be as safe as promised. According to a new report by Consumer World, 75 percent of retailers have not enabled card readers that accept chip cards. Why are stores slow to adopt the new technology and are you at risk of identity theft?