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Fully Printed Sensors Market to Reach $7.6 Billion by 2027

LONDON, April 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensors that are printed on flexible substrates represent a growing market. Although the biggest segment - blood glucose test strips - is currently shrinking, the next generation of printed sensors will enable other applications, from human-machine interfaces to environmental sensing.

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These sensors benefit from the latest materials and technologies in the printed electronics industry. While some may consist of a very simple structure with only a few electrodes, others are much more complex and require the deposition of multiple layers.

This report covers the following categories of printed sensors:
- Biosensors
- Capacitive sensors
- Piezoresistive sensors
- Piezoelectric sensors
- Optical sensors
- Temperature sensors
- Humidity sensors
- Gas sensors

It should be noted that printing is not a new manufacturing technique in the sensor industry and in some cases, has been used as a standard process for many years. This report gives examples of the sensors that are based on "thick film", whereby some layers of sensing materials are deposited by screen printing. These devices are not fully printed but contain a printed layer of either a polymeric or ceramic material.

Growth in Emerging Applications

·         Printed disposable glucose sensors currently generate the majority of revenues. These sensors are used by diabetics as a self-diagnosis tool. This technology is essential for those patients but the market is now commoditized and there is pressure on price.

·         Other printed and flexible sensors such as gas sensors, temperature sensors or photodetectors are now moving into mass production.

·         Photodetectors can be printed as single detectors or deposited on active matrix devices, either thin-film transistor (TFT) backplanes or CMOS chips. The various configurations lead to different addressable markets, such as image sensors or digital X-ray sensors.

·         IDTechEx has closely followed the progress of printed and flexible sensors for several years

The report includes 10-year revenue forecasts for printed and flexible sensors, with the following market segments:
- Biosensors
- Capacitive
- Piezoresistive (force)
- Piezoelectric
- Photodetectors
- Photodetectors on CMOS chip
- Photodetectors on TFT backplane
- Temperature
- Humidity
- Gas

The market data in the report are at the sensor module level, thereby avoiding the common issue of including other components and services (system integration) in the forecasts.

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