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Fundamental Research Initiates Coverage on SunVault Energy (OTCBB:SVLT) - Video Research Alert on InvestmentPitch.com

Vancouver, British Columbia, September 13, 2013 - Fundamental Research has initiated coverage on SunVault Energy (SVLT), which went public in June on the OTCBB, and trades under the symbol SVLT.

The Dallas, Texas based company was founded by former Energizer Holdings (ENR) employees, John Crawford and Dr. Mark Schubert, who together had about 40 years of experience with Energizer.

InvestmentPitch.com has produced a "video research alert" about SunVault based on this report. If this link is not enabled, please visit www.InvestmentPitch.com and enter "SunVault" in the search box.

SunVault Energy`s from mission is to develop a unique cost-effective system, which can generate and store power, with zero to minimal reliance on additional power from the grid.

Fundamental analyst Siddharth Rajeev stated, "If the company is successful in their mission, their system will be a revolutionary breakthrough for the solar industry. This system could potentially eliminate the electricity bills for every end-user by making them self-sufficient for their energy needs."

Through seamless integration of energy generation and storage at the molecular level, the company expects significant improvement in efficiency and cost reduction. The company will use several recently developed technologies developed internally, and by Universities and industry collaborators.

SunVault`s primary intellectual property is the unique way in which they intend to integrate those technologies and concepts into a single system. The company currently has 4 pending patents, that could play a very integral part in the company`s suite of products.

"SunVault`s technology and product roadmap has been vetted by two of North America`s most influential technical universities," stated Dr. Mark Schubert, SunVault`s CTO. "The key takeaway from both reviews was that our systemic platform approach to solving the energy storage problem is both novel and compelling, while one went as far as to say that `it definitely looks like SunVault Energy is the company to work with` "

According to management, their beta unit`s performance exceeds the minimum required performance, by remote sensor integrators, for the following 3 parameters:

  • Power produced with light exposure 

  • Energy storage capacity 

  • Operating voltage 

These metrics were independently verified by the University of South Florida, and confirmed by Fundamental Research.

John Crawford, President and CEO stated, "SunVault`s goal is to demonstrate aspects of our technology portfolio in the real world, through the building of immediate revenue-producing projects. These large-scale energy generation and storage projects will incorporate both SunVault`s PolyCell(TM) and All-in-One technologies with components that are readily accessible in the free market today."

Due to the fact that the company, for obvious competitive reasons, has yet to publicly disclose some important significant details, Fundamental will not make any comment on the valuation or attractiveness of the company`s shares as an investment at this time. However, the company expects to start generating cash flows in the next 6 months through solar energy generation and storage projects in Alberta, Canada.

SunVault currently trade at $0.93, and with 64 million shares outstanding, the company is capitalized at $59.5 million.

For more information, please visit the company`s website at www.sunvaultenergy.com or contact John Crawford at 778-484-5159 or email question@sunvaultenergy.com.

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