Funding and Partnership Round announced For Next Stage Of Development of Charming Productivity App, List-It

List-it is a quirky productivity app that makes organizing your tasks and life so much easier. The app is looking for investors and partnerships to reach its next stages of development.

's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, July 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The productivity app focussing on bringing users peace of mind, List-it, has now announced it is actively seeking partnerships, investments, and collaborations. The app, which can be found on iOS and Android marketplaces, is bringing peace of mind to its many thousands of users. By making to-do lists simple and stress-free, List-it allows people to focus on more important things in life after finishing their daily tasks.

The company has been privately funded since its founding in 2022, but is now looking for external investments and partnerships. These financial and business collaborations will allow them to enhance app features and build a stronger audience. The team’s use of generative AI in its development of various features aims to provide intuitive solutions for themed and catogorized lists. The founders– Wouter Smeets, David van Brakel, and Govert Vissers are striving for 100,000 daily app users by the end of the year. They also plan to be ranked in the top five productivity apps by 2028. The company is hoping to grow their staff and target English-speaking markets for business connections as well as audiences.

List-it founders in their’s-Hertogenbosch HQ (L-R) Wouter Smeets, David Van Brakel and Govert Vissers

List-it is poised to transform the productivity and task management market with its unique take on to-do lists. The app minimizes information overload and makes organization as easy as using sticky notes, but with many more positives. Last but not least List-it will never sell or use its users data outside their own product; this differentiates List-it from the Tech giants like Meta or Microsoft.

Making tasks in List-it is extremely easy. All you have to do is type the name and select its priority or urgency. Priority is indicated by three color levels and urgency gives you an option of completing the task today or later. Both functions can help you feel less overwhelmed by your tasks and more in control of your life.

Tasks that you choose to complete later will be added to the following days and you will receive smart notifications to finish them. When your list has been cleared for the day, you’ll also get a notification to add your later tasks to your current list.

After completing five tasks in one day or finishing your entire list, you will see a fun giphy that congratulates you on your work. This is an enjoyable feature of the app that can give you motivation to keep completing tasks. List-it also thinks of this as a fun way to make users happy and excited to stay organized.

Some of List-it’s features

By searching for partnerships and investors, List-it anticipates their app becoming an integral part of many lives and boosting consumer loyalty for their partners. List-it is pitching to companies that have a demographic the app can resonate with. This could be anything from insurance companies to lifestyle brands because List-it is highly beneficial for anyone’s life.

In the future, List-it is working towards many milestones. This year, the team aims to bring users closer together by enabling group functionality for lists and improve functionalities for better family life use. One of the app’s main objectives is to use AI to help people define their personal goals and vision and themed lists while creating clear multi-step programs to enable users to attain them. List-it is also going to embed integration to your personal calendar, a feature requested by the List-it community. For the long-term, the team is determined to make List-it one of the top five productivity apps with their ultimate aspiration being to bring people peace of mind, clearing their short-term tasks to help them realize their long-term goals

About List-it:

List-it is an app prioritizing users’ peace of mind. The platform is simple to understand and helps you organize your daily tasks so you can focus on doing the things you love. With smart notifications, custom tags for urgency and importance, List-it will help you take actionable tasks to get things done and move closer to achieving long-term goals. List-it was founded by Wouter Smeets, David van Brakel, and Govert Vissers. The company was founded in 2022 and is based in the Netherlands. You can contact or download List-it for Android or Apple via

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