The $15 laundry secret to removing pet hair from clothing — for good

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These non-toxic pet hair removers work like a charm in the washer or dryer. (Photo: Getty)
These non-toxic pet hair removers work like a charm in the washer or dryer. (Photo: Getty)

Are you sick of trying to remove your pet’s hair from your clothing after a cuddle session — or worse, after you’ve washed and dried your clothes?

Wasting rinse cycles and lint rollers is not only annoying, but costly, and it seems like using tons of each is the only option to get your clothes fur-free.

However, Amazon users are convinced that a pair of cute, paw-shaped gizmos are the only combatant strong enough to get rid of all the hair in one wash or dry!

The FurZapper is one of the retailer’s most popular products made specifically to get rid of pet hair. It’s so beloved, it’s one of the most-wished-for pet products right now.

The tacky, flexible Furzapper material pulls hair from anything it touches, and everything it catches simply runs down the drain into your washer or dryer’s lint trap. It removes fur, hair, lint, dander and any fuzz you don’t want on your clothes or household items in one simple step. Just toss one in the washer or dryer, and watch it work its magic!

Non-toxic and safe for all dryers and washers, the FurZapper is hypo-allergic, re-usable and easy to clean (all it takes is dish soap and water to bring them back to life). And since this bundle comes with two FurZappers, you can even use both in one of your larger loads if you’re inclined.

Head’s up: If you’re planning to use the zapper while drying clothes, it works best without fabric softener.

Check out what reviewers are saying about one of Amazon’s most-wished-for products, below.

It “saves” your dryer — and clothes.

“I swear by these FurZappers,” wrote another customer. “We have two Ragdoll long-hair cats, and a 239-lb. English mastiff who sheds so much I have no idea how he still has hair, seriously our Roomba chokes when it comes time to vacuum. My husband’s uniforms, any black clothing and my Lularoe’s get the worst of it. All I do is throw two of these in with the wash load and then remove them once it’s done drying. It saves your dryer, too. Sticks to it great. We ended up purchasing a total of eight because sometimes they get lost in the clean clothes. Always have backup! You could use only one if you don’t have a lot of hair, lint, fur. But it works the best using two at a time. Great product!”

There's no need for dryer sheets or fabric softener when using FurZappers. (Photo: Amazon)
There's no need for dryer sheets or fabric softener when using FurZappers. (Photo: Amazon)


“I have two Shelties and Spring and Fall the shedding is unimaginable. I use these in every wash and dry cycle all year long,” wrote another who has owned them for seven months. “I’ve had them since February, and they are still like new. Just another tool in my fight against indoor shedding.”

Great for cat and dog hair.

“These really work! I have three cats, so I have cat hair everywhere. I use pillow shams to cover standard kitty beds to protect my furniture, which allows me to wash the covers regularly. In the past, after I wash the shams, I always have to use a lint roller to ‘unglue’ the cat hair from the shams. I recently used these Fur Zappers to wash and dry the pillow shams, and they actually came out hair-free! I was truly amazed,” another shopper wrote. “I will be buying more of these as they suggest more for multiple pets. I highly recommend this product!”

Great for changing shedding seasons

“With the change of season, my cat and dog are shedding a lot,” a five-star reviewer said. “It worked wonderfully on all of my dark clothing, most noticeably on my black fleece jacket that gets covered with cat fur. Prior to using the Furzapper, the cat fur was still there after I washed it. I used it in both the washer and the dryer. I recommend using the Furzapper if you have pets that shed hair.”

It's simple: Put the FurZappers in the wash and let them do their job! (Photo: Amazon)
It's simple: Put the FurZappers in the wash and let them do their job! (Photo: Amazon)

Works like a charm.

“These floppy soft little paw prints are amazing!” one happy reviewer wrote. “Since using these in my washer and dryer, my consumption of sticky sheet lint rollers has been reduced by 90 percent. One of my dogs has very fine, light-colored fur (the kind that can stay airborne for hours), and she is a cuddler. Once her fur is on your clothes, it takes a concerted and determined effort to remove it. Furzapper was very effective at removing her fur from clothes! I’m ordering another set today, just in case. I don’t want to be without my Furzapper.”

Shop it: FurZapper 2-pack, $15 (was $24),

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