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Futu 9th Anniversary: Singapore editor records moments of love with Futu with a paintbrush

·7 min read

SINGAPORE, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Futu Holdings Limited, a leading digital fintech company, celebrates its 9th anniversary on October 29.

From 2012 to 2021, Futu extended its business globally, with over 16 million users from more than 200 countries and regions. In 2021, Futu officially enters the Singapore market, providing Singapore investors through moomoo with premium investment services that are fully online and streamlined.

As of the end of the second quarter this year, Futu onboarded over 100,000 paying clients with its user base soaring to over 220,000 in Singapore. moomoo is now a well-recognized tech-driven brokerage platform for local investors.

Celebrating the 9th anniversary of Futu, users from around the world actively share their "Futu Stories".

Hui Tse, a moomoo user from Singapore, is a freelance writer, editor, content producer, and, above all, a talented painter. She loves traveling, climbing, and interacting with people from different places, which enable her to learn about local cultures.

As a new investor, she began by investing in funds through banks and insurance companies. Eventually, after weighing out her choices, she started her active investment journey with moomoo, which is the first stock-trading she has used.

She believes that through investing her savings can make money for her and it is a good way to create a second income. She also enjoys the process of making investment because it allows her to learn a lot from like-minded investors in the moomoo community. What she's learned include how to understand market volatility, how to choose stocks, and how to make profits as market fluctuates.

Being versatile, she likes drawing down her life thoughts and travel experiences. She describes her journey with moomoo as a love story, and she records these special moments with her brush.

Chance encounter and unexpected reunion

Hui Tse had a chance "encounter" with Futu five years ago. She was living in China at the time and thought her "relationship" with Futu was about to start. However, for some reasons, she missed the opportunity to get to know Futu this time.

After she returned to Singapore, she wanted to become an active investor, so she began looking for stock-trading apps. Unfortunately, she couldn't find an app that fully met her needs though searching for a long time.

At that moment, an "apple" fell on her head. "My sister told me that an app called moomoo was giving away Apple shares. As an avid Apple fan, I immediately downloaded moomoo. I then realized that moomoo was actually owned by Futu. It was exactly the same app I came across a few years ago but wasn't able to register for! I knew that Futu was an exceptionally trustworthy company, so I quickly registered an account and made an investment via moomoo."

The chance encounter years ago seems to have made this unexpected reunion years later. Futu is destined for her. This moment was painted by Hui Tse, too.

"I always enjoy using paintings to record my life and travel experiences. After learning about moomoo, I found Futubull IP is particularly cute. Sometimes I sketch for no specific purpose as I get inspirations. I will continue drawing down my story with moomoo, but I don't have any particular ideas at the moment. Maybe I will find inspiration during holidays, and maybe when moomoo adds new features."

Dating moomoo: Easy operation is like a promise of love

Although reunited with Futu, Hui Tse, as an inexperienced investor, was still a little nervous. "I am a very clumsy. I always fumble for quite a while when using new apps and make silly mistakes before I get the hang of them. So, when I first used moomoo, I was worried about making a transfer error, buying the wrong stock, or buying or selling at improper prices."

But her worries soon got removed. In her eyes, Futu made a promise of love by offering easy operational guidance, a clear user interface, and cute bull mascots. As a result, her relationship with Futu grew rapidly and she put aside her worries.

"All my hesitation quickly disappeared. moomoo's user interface is very clear, and it makes trading easy. I also think that moomoo's lively and cute mascot IP is a huge help!" She said that her investment experience with moomoo so far has been pleasant.

Responsibility of love: investor educational courses and market Information

Responsibility is an essential part of any relationship. In Hui Tse's opinion, moomoo's courses for investors and real-time market information are just like that.

"Like any serious couples, we need to make an effort to keep our relationship going." When it comes to investing, I enjoy the free, short, and easy-to-digest courses and real-time market information offered by moomoo. Learning a bit more every day helps me become a more responsible and prudent investor."

Constant learning and progress have moved her closer to moomoo, and she has gradually risen from a novice investor to an advanced one.

She said that she currently prefers to invest in familiar stocks. Since she knows more about technology, she tends to buy high-tech companies' stocks. As she's making progress in investing, she begins to focus on stocks in other emerging industries, such as new energies, electric vehicles, and space travel.

"I am still a novice investor, so I only buy US stocks for now. But I know that moomoo offers many other products, including Hong Kong stocks, Singapore stocks, Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), and Options. I will consider buying more financial products over time."

Emotional support: moomoo community

Hui Tse believes that the moomoo community is crucial to her relationship with moomoo.

"My favorite thing about moomoo is the community. It's strong and vibrant, where everyone openly shares their ideas and tips. Inspired by topics in the community, I also began sharing my own opinions and understanding. It's fun to see so many different opinions and ideas flooding in and they would be good reference for my future investment decisions."

She said the moomoo community serves as her emotional support. She doesn't feel like a loser despite market declines. Instead, she's pretty satisfied with her experience of investing on moomoo.

"Any long-lasting relationship has ups and downs, which is especially the case in the stock market. All losses are painful, but moomoo makes them more bearable. It offers many opportunities to earn stock vouchers, cash coupons, and points which can be redeemed for cute Futu-themed gifts that can't be bought, so you can't really fail here."

She said that she and moomoo are meant for each other. "Thank you moomoo and Futu for re-entering my life when I needed an easy-to-use and interesting investment tool to fulfill my investment needs. Thank you moomoo for coming to Singapore. I hope moomoo can be my reliable, long-term investment partner."

She also hopes that Futu can expand to other markets so that she can bring her international friends to the moomoo family and interact with them.

Disclaimer: Securities products and services on moomoo are provided by Futu SG, which is licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore. Any investment involves risks. Neither Futu SG nor moomoo provides or endorses any specific investment strategy. Please be cautious when formulating your own investment strategy. Please note that past results do not indicate future performance.

About Futu Holdings Limited

Futu Holdings Limited ("Futu") (Nasdaq: FUTU) is an advanced technology company transforming the investing experience by offering a fully digitized brokerage and wealth management platform. Futu provides investing services – including stock trading and clearing, margin financing, wealth management, market data and information, and interactive social features for Hong Kong, US and China Connect stocks – to individual investors through its proprietary one-stop digital platforms, Futubull and moomoo. Futu also provides Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) solutions and IPO distribution services through its enterprise service brand FUTU I&E, with a focus on providing employee stock ownership plans to corporate clients.

Futu aims to become an influential financial services platform globally, by building a complete financial technology ecosystem with the mission of "making investing easier and more collaborative." For more information about Futu, please visit the company's official website www.futuholdings.com

About Moomoo Inc.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Moomoo Inc. is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Futu Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: FUTU), with its mission to transform personal investing experience with an intuitive user interface, fully digitized trading platform in the US and globally.

(PRNewsfoto/Futu Holdings Limited)
(PRNewsfoto/Futu Holdings Limited)

SOURCE Futu Holdings Limited