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The Future of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider For Humanity: a Necessity or a Waste?

Alexandr Jucov

World Lab Technologies
World Lab Technologies
World Lab Technologies

New York, USA, Oct. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alexandr Jucov, investor from Moldova, Founder and CEO of World Lab Technologies Corporation announced the corporation's plans to participate in the modernization project of the Large Hadron Collider ("LHC"), which was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

Earlier, Forbes India published information that the American corporation World Lab Technologies under the leadership of General Director Alexandr Jucov (Moldova, Chisinau) finances research related to obtaining a new source of high-power energy and funds research in the field of genetic technologies that affect the increase of human life expectancy.

Alexandr Jucov announced that World Lab Technologies is interested in investing $ 10 billion in a modernization project called the Large Hadron High Luminosity Collider (HL LHC), which is upgrading the world's largest particle collider located near Geneva on the border of Switzerland and France.

This will give World Lab Technologies the opportunity to find answers to several important questions. One is about the possibilities of obtaining a new type of high-power energy, and the other is about the technology of extending human life and its adaptation, which is especially important in a pandemic.

Over the past two years, the operation of the LHC has been suspended as the modernization project is being implemented. Even before its initial construction in 1998 and shortly before the modernization process began, questions arose around the world whether the necessary funds to create such a large particle collider and its subsequent modernization would pay off, not to mention the announced plans for CERN to build an even larger particle collider, called the Future Circular Collider (FCC), which with a circumference of about 100 km will eclipse the 30 km circumference of the LHC. Skeptics, including academics such as Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study, have opposed expanding the capabilities of the LHC, not to mention investing more than $ 22 billion in the FCC.

While there are voices that disagree with the ongoing modernization and expansion of CERN, Alexandr Jucov and his team believe such research is vital to our future.

In a press release, World Lab Technologies said it is founded on the belief that what we don't know still outweighs what we really know, and that the pursuit of knowledge itself is noble and necessary. To claim that the LHC has already fulfilled its mission and provided everything we can learn about particles at its current level simply underlines the enduring arrogance of our civilization. “History teaches that whenever we believe that we know how the world around us works, we inevitably encounter events that demonstrate that we have not even come close to comprehending the secrets of our universe.

All research and innovation requires tremendous commitment and perseverance. But besides that, significant funding, also. Alexandr Jucov directed the resources of World Lab Technologies, including significant financial resources, to this scientific and technological endeavor. Interest in modernizing the Large Hadron Collider is an important part of this endeavor. It represents one of the most significant ways to address the unknown for the benefit of humanity.

World Lab Technologies believes that the LH-LHC modernization project and even the FCC are necessary for humankind's continued pursuit of such understanding and knowledge. With the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) for data processing and pattern recognition, it can even be assumed that among the huge datasets expected from the modernized LH-LHC and FCC in the future, we may gain knowledge of the possibilities that we are currently not even aware of.

Media Contact Details:
Company Name: World Lab Technologies, Inc
Company Email: press@worldlabtechnologies.com
Company website: https://www.worldlabtechnologies.com/