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G-7 food: Here’s what Michelin-star chefs are whipping up


What do you make for seven world leaders gathering at the dinner table?

The French presidency is hoping to leave that up to the five local Michelin-star chefs in the seaside resort town of Biarritz.

President Trump was welcomed to the feast by French President Emmanuel Macron with both of their first ladies by their side ahead of the first night's meal at the Biarritz Lighthouse.

On the menu Saturday night? According to French news outlet RTL, everyone will start with Cédric Béchade's piperade, an enté made with Espelette pepper, onions and tomatoes. They'll then dine on "marmitako," which is described as a dish from the region made from bluefin tuna. Basque cake will serve as the dessert for the evening.

No doubt the pressure is on, as some of the first meetings included lunch between Trump and Macron, during which the two reportedly discussed the digital services tax that takes aim at big U.S. tech companies.

Chefs are expected to prep a number of courses over the weekend to help ease some of those talks, highlighting the French town’s regional specialty ingredients.

Some of those include:

  • Espelette chili pepper
  • Ham
  • Dry sausage
  • Ewe’s cheese
  • Traditional cream cake
  • Local wine

The local wine, however, could likely be a sore point, given Trump has threatened to tax the regional delicacy as a way to retaliate for Macron’s proposed digital services tax on U.S. tech companies.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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