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GAC NE’s New EV Sedan Travels Further Than Tesla Model 3


The EV manufacturing space is heating up, with several companies looking to dethrone Tesla from the top spot. GAC NE, the new energy vehicle arm under Chinese automaker GAC Group (2238.HK), is one of those businesses that aims to directly compete against the automotive brand.

According to Tesla officials, the Model 3 Long-range version delivers 310 miles (499 km). However, GAC NE’s Aion S can run up to 392 miles (630 km) on a single charge, making it the best performing EV sedan so far.

GAC NE early announced that the Aion S will be available in May 2019. Production for the EV will take place in GAC NE’s brand-new manufacturing factory in Guangzhou. Equipped with an aerodynamic exterior, Aion S takes on a very sleek design and robust LED headlights.

When it comes to autonomous driving features, Aion S leads the industry as the first mass-produced EV car with level 4 autonomous driving within designated area. The EV sedan provides automated parking assistance, cruise assistance and traffic congestion assistance. The level 2 autonomous driving enables drivers to remove their hands from the steering wheel for short periods of time, as the car performs various maneuvers.

With the global rapid development of EVs, GAC NE has been in a strong position since its birth in 2017. New technologies, new manufacturing, new products, new ecology, and new brand are driving GAC NE to a new milestone. GAC NE has made significant moves to become a leading EV brand.

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