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Galaxy Digital is advising on a “really large” real estate deal

Steven Zheng

Galaxy Digital is working on a large real estate deal, founder and CEO Mike Novogratz told The Block in a recent episode of The Scoop. 

In response to questions about Galaxy Digital's advisory business, Novogratz tells The Block that "there’s a few different type of businesses that we’ve looked at helping raise capital for a mining project or for new venture businesses so there can be a capital raising." Novogratz also added that "We’re working on a really large real estate transaction that if it got done would be a big big deal for the whole space."

Galaxy Digital's advisory business is managed by Ian Taylor, a former Goldman Sachs banker that the firm brought on last November. "We brought in Ian Taylor from Goldman Sachs. He’s a rock star. He’s now 10 months into the game, has learned crypto. The first thing you’ve got to teach your guy is in each vertical, to be experts," Novogratz states.