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The Galaxy Note 7 might be the last Galaxy Note from Samsung

Antonio Villas-Boas

The Galaxy Note 7 might be the last Galaxy Note that Samsung releases, according to the Korea Herald citing a report from Korean news site Newsis.

According to the report, Samsung is ditching the Galaxy Note line to focus its efforts on the Galaxy S flagship line to "ensure quality control."

galaxy note 7

(The Galaxy Note line differentiated itself from the Galaxy S line with the signature stylus and large screen.Samsung/YouTube)

Releasing two flagships per year can stretch the resources of any company, even a giant like Samsung, and "rushing" to get the Note 7 to market just happens to be the primary suspect for the Note 7 debacle. 

The Galaxy Note 7 faced two recalls and ultimately a total cancellation of production and sales due to faulty batteries that risked catching fire and causing pretty hefty damage. Now, it's an actual crime to carry a Galaxy Note 7 onboard an aircraft, and Samsung is setting up booths in "high traffic" airports to facilitate the exchange of passengers' Galaxy Note 7s with a replacement device before boarding. 

Samsung was not immediately available for comment, so for now, the future of the Note is uncertain.

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