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Shop 'Game of Thrones' gifts for everyone in your House, because the final season is coming

Ethan Alter
Senior Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Winter has arrived on Westeros, and with it comes the end of Game of Thrones. But don’t be sad that your favorite show is wrapping up. Instead, celebrate the final season of HBO’s blockbuster series with a menagerie of merchandise options. Here’s Yahoo Entertainment’s curated Game of Thrones shopping guide for everyone in your House.

Funko Pop! Deluxe Vinyl Figures

Game of Thrones Funko Pop Deluxe Vinyl Figure (Photo: Funko)

Collect five of the candidates for the next occupant of the Iron Throne, plus the throne itself! Funko's handsome line of seated vinyl figures includes the Night King, Jon Snow, Daenery Targaryen and Lannister siblings Cersei and Tyrion. Thanks to Funko, whoever loses the Iron Throne, you'll still win.

Shop it: These Funko figures retail for $28.95 each and can be pre-ordered on AmazonEntertainment Earth and the HBO Store

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker Board Game

Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker (Photo: HBO/Dire Wolf Digital)

Play your own game of thrones courtesy of this officially-licensed board game, made in collaboration with HBO and Dire Wolf Digital. Grab 5 to 8 of your best friends and start scheming for who will control the great Houses of Westeros… and which of you will wear the royal crown.

Shop it: Oathbreaker retails for $35 and will be available on the HBO Store

A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch

A 'Game of Thrones' inspired version of the popular Catan game (Photo: ThinkGeek)

What better way to pass the time on Wall watching duty than with this Game of Thrones-inspired version of the internationally beloved strategy game? Compete against each other for the title of Commander of the Night’s Watch, and keep Westeros safe from invading armies of Wildlings and White Walkers. You’ll probably do a better job than the folks previously in charge.

Shop it: $79.99, ThinkGeek

Game of Thrones Seasons 1-7 Box Set, Blu-ray and DVD

Game of Thrones Season 1-7 Blu-ray (Photo: HBO)

It’s the entire televised history of Westeros in one handy box! All 67 episodes from the first seven seasons are available in Blu-ray and standard versions, along with a host of bonus features. Be your own Maester without having to spend any time at the Citadel

Shop it: The Blu-ray box set retails for $229.99 and the DVD set is $189.99; both are available to order at Amazon and the HBO Store

Game of Thrones: The Storyboards

(Photo: Insight Editions and HBO)

This deluxe hardcover volume lovingly compiles the stunning artwork curated by the show’s lead storyboard artist, William Simpson. A unique peek inside the series’ creative process, fans can see how some of Thrones’ most pivotal moments were conceptualized in their earliest stages.

Shop it: The 320-page collection from Insight Editions retails for $60 but is currently available on Amazon for $37.50.

Whiskey Decanter Set

Game of Thrones Decanters (Photo: Etsy)

Raise a glass, two of them actually, to Tyrion Lannister’s very specific set of skills. Peter Dinklage’s beloved quote is immortalized on this 32-ounce decanter, which comes with optional glassware. Keep yourself warm on those cold winter nights with a spot o’whiskey.

Shop it: $24.95, Etsy

For the Throne Beer

For the Throne Beer (Photo: Ommegang Brewery)

The good folks at Ommegang Brewery have brewed up a special potion of honeysuckle and toasted grain for their latest Game of Thrones-inspired beer. “For the Throne” is available on draft at select venues and will also be available in 750mL bottles starting March 15.

Shop it: Look for purchase locations using Ommegang’s beer finder

House Stark Box

Game of Thrones House Stark Box (Photo: Etsy)

Need a place for your various cloaks and swords? This House Stark-emblazoned wooden crate is the answer to all of your storage needs. Available in medium and large sizes, it will absolutely bring you joy.

Shop it: $48, Etsy

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Figures

McFarlane Toys Game of Thrones Drogon Deluxe Box (Photo: McFarlane Toys)

For their Season 8 wave of Game of Thrones figures, McFarlane Toys is giving fans what they want: dragons. Both Drogon and his icy brother, Viserion, are available as deluxe figures with moveable wings and multiple points of articulation. Human figures include Daenerys, Arya, Jon and somewhere in between lies the Night King.

Shop it: $19.99-$25.99; pre-order on Amazon

Jon Snow Fur Hoodie

Jon Snow Fur Hoodie (Photo: ThinkGeek)

If you’re traveling to the North (country fair) where the White Walkers are crossing the border line, remember to bring this faux fur-lined hoodie. Jon Snow’s brooding look not included.

Shop it: $69.99, ThinkGeek

Apron and Oven Mitt Sets

House Lannister Apron and Oven Mitt (Photo: HBO Store)

Forget winter... cookies are coming! Or cakes, or bread or whatever you want to bake in the comfort of your home before each Season 8 episode airs. The HBO store has three House-themed sets of aprons and oven mitts, including House Lannister, House Stark and House Targaryen. What... no House Hot Pie?

Shop it: $14.95 each, HBO Store

House Lannister Wallet

House Lannister wallet (Photo: ThinkGeek)

How does a Lannister pay his debts? By taking money out of his or her signature House Lannister wallet, of course! The familiar Lannister lion adorns this pocketbook, which can hold plenty of bills, bills, bills.

Shop it: $19.99, ThinkGeek

Game of Thrones: Fire & Blood

Game of Thrones: Fire & Blood audiobook (Photo: Audible)

Take a deep dive into the history of Daenerys’s ancestors via George R.R. Martin’s explainer on all things House Targaryen. Read it yourself or have it read to you by Simon Vance via Audible.

Shop it: The book version retails for $35 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; the audiobook is available with an Audible subscription

Hodor Doorstop

A Hodor doorstop (Photo: Etsy)

It’s the only doorstop that doubles as a spoiler for Game of Thrones newbies. This 100% walnut piece performs the same function as Bran’s dearly-departed comrade, Hodor, whose destined purpose was revealed moments before his untimely demise. Honor his memory and keep your doors propped open at the same time.

Shop it: $14.99, Etsy

Game of Thrones Tervis Cups

Game of Thrones-themed Tervis cups (Photo: Tervis)

The next time you need fiery-hot or ice-cold beverage to accompany a Game of Thrones binge, reach for one of these Game of Thrones-themed Tervis cups. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, they’re tough enough to withstand the elements and multiple pots of coffee.

Shop it: Prices for Tervis’s Game of Thrones cups range from $16.99-$34.99 and are available on Amazon and Tervis

Game of Thrones-inspired VRBO Rentals

If you can't stay at the real King's Landing, this Croatian VRBO rental is the next best thing (Photo: VRBO)
Here's a Winterfell-inspired castle for your 'Game of Thrones' vacation needs (Photo: VRBO)

Even after Game of Thrones goes off the air, the show’s sets will be left standing for tourist visits. Unfortunately, overnight accommodation at the “real” King’s Landing isn’t an option. Luckily, the European property rental site, VRBO, has some creative solutions, listing houses, villas and actual castles that resemble popular GoT locations. Better yet, these rentals are located in countries where the series was filmed, including Croatia, Iceland and Spain.

Shop it: Check VRBO for the latest information on rates and availability

Night King Candle

A Night King candle for those cold, dark winter nights (Photo: HBO Store)

Like the song says, put this candle in the window and you won’t lose your way, as long as you can see the light. With a 10-hour burn time, the Night King will keep the night terrors at bay by scaring them with his snarly face.

Shop it: $29.95, HBO Store

House Fleece Throw

Four of Westeros's great Houses are featured on this fleece throw (Photo: HBO Store)

Since a candle can only provide so much warmth on a cold night, you’d be as wise as a Maester to have this snuggly fleece on hand. It’s machine washable, so you won’t have to get medieval in your cleaning methods.

Shop it: $39.95, HBO Store

Astrolabe with Pop-Up Guide to Westeros

Sideshow's Astrolabe with a Pop-Up Guide to Westeros (Photo: Sideshow)

You’ll put most Citadel apprentices to shame with this pairing of a 13-inch, fully-articulated astrolabe and a handsomely-illustrated pop-up guide to Westeros. The sculpture comes with the sigils of all the important Houses, while the book features a series of spreads that can be assembled into a map that’s ideal for public display.

Shop it: $495, Sideshow

Alex and Ani Game of Thrones Collection

Sansa Stark Adjustable Trio Necklace (Photo: Alex and Ani)
Arya Stark Adjustable Trio Necklace (Photo: Alex and Ani)

The eco-conscious jewelry company has launched an 18-piece Game of Thrones jewelry line that includes this pair of Stark sister act necklaces. Sansa’s neckpiece features an Aventurine centerpiece, while Arya’s has a Blue Lace Agate stone.

Shop it: $69 each, Alex and Ani

Brendan Vacations Road to Winterfell

The "Road to Winterfell" tour will take you around Northern Ireland (Photo: Joe Daniel Price/Brendan Vacations)

This 7-day private tour package escorts Game of Thrones fans, and anyone who loves travel, around Northern Ireland, visiting locations where the HBO series was filmed. You can also spend time in places where actual history happened.

Shop it: From $4,200, Brendan Vacations

Game of Thrones premieres April 14 at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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