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‘Game of Thrones’ Claims Record For Number of People Set on Fire in Season 7

Game of Thrones is on fire! Literally. Thrones showrunner David Benioff recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that a scene in the upcoming Season 7 set the record for most people set on fire in a production.

Daenerys emerging unharmed from the fire. (Photo: HBO)

Benioff said, “In one battle scene, we set more stuntmen on fire than have ever been simultaneously set on fire. Our stunt coordinator really wanted to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for this.”

Thrones‘ stunt coordinator, Rowley Irlam, added, “One sequence has 73 fire burns and that itself is a record. No film or TV show has ever done that in a whole show, let alone in one sequence. We also set 20 people on fire at one time, which is also a record. I think in Saving Private Ryan they had 13 on a beach, and in Braveheart they had 18 partial burns. Because of the nature of our attacking animals, we had the liberty to expand on that.”

The show is no stranger to using flames for visual awesomeness, so we took a look back at some of the other times Game of Thrones decided to burn, baby, burn.

Game of Thrones returns Sunday, July 16, on HBO.

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