Gaming Jobs Online Announces Partnerships with Major Game Companies and Launches Program that Pays Individuals to Play Video Games as a Video Game Tester

July 28, 2014 / I might be wrong to say it, but the dream of almost every person aged between 20 and 40 years is to work as a video game tester. This is the dream job of few generations of people now and I bet if offered, a video game tester job will be accepted by more than 90% of the people!

How to find Video Game Tester Jobs?

The hardest thing about becoming a video game tester is actually finding a job position. It can be quite frustrating and even impossible to find a video game tester job. However, thanks to you can find relevant information on time about open video tester positions and land your dream job within just few weeks!

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Why become video game tester?

It’s widely known fact that gaming companies pay thousands to selected groups of people to test and review their products, before they are introduced to wider audience. Being a video game tester enables people to:

Play the latest and upcoming games
Take online surveys and make as much as 75$
Participate in focus groups to earn up to 150$ per hour
Try the latest gaming equipment
Watch new movie and game trailers to earn up to 25$ per hour
Review new games for up 30$ per hour currently holds strategic partnerships with major gaming corporations and allows video game testers registered through their portal experience all of the benefits mentioned above.


Have you tried finding video tester job in the major job listing websites? If you have, you had probably noticed that there are almost no job listings for such positions out there and even if you do manage to find one, you quite often end up on an interview with several hundred other people. makes finding the job of your dreams extremely easy.

If you decide to go for, you will enjoy hassle free work day and you are free to setup your own work hours. How much you earn as a video game tester is completely up to your preferences – you can easily earn up to $3500 per month by doing something you truly enjoy and love. doesn’t offer you any kind of get-rich-quick opportunity, but rather an option to profit from doing something that you like. comes with 60 day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t get what you are promised, simply get a refund, no questions asked!