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Gandi Releases Advanced Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 24, 2013) - Gandi, a leading domain name registrar and cloud-hosting provider, today announced the release of a major update to its calendar-based scheduling engine for cloud computing instances, Gandi Flex. The update allows organizations to schedule needs for RAM, bandwidth and CPU power to handle anticipated and cyclical spikes in usage, with hourly granularity. The updated scheduler provides cost advantages to any organization seeking to manage surges in resource needs, including e-commerce systems, SaaS Providers or SQL extraction analysis implementations.

Gandi Flex offers a unique scheduling interface for scaling the size of virtual instances. Administrators can set the date and time to the hour they need for additional resources to be available, now using a unique and intuitive web interface. Unlike physical servers which need to be provisioned to cover peak usage, or typical schedulers that turn the virtual machines off or on, Gandi Flex allows users to provision for only what they need, when they need it, either cyclically or ad hoc.

"This new interface to cloud computing gives the savvy administrator an edge in cost control," said Thomas Stocking, COO, Gandi U.S. "With Gandi Flex our users can realize one of the primary benefits of cloud computing: not needing to overprovision just to handle load spikes. If users can predict the spikes and heavy use periods for their use case, they can use Gandi Flex to scale up when they need it, and back down when they don't."

The new interface takes advantage of the recent changes to Gandi's cloud VPS billing system. The new "pay-as-you-go" model is now fully integrated into Gandi Flex. For more information about Gandi Flex, visit www.gandi.net or call 410-429-7402.

About Gandi

Founded in 1999, Gandi is a major international domain name registrar and cloud hosting provider. Gandi manages more than 1.4 million domain names and over 250 extensions. Offering a world-class alternative to purely commercial registrars, and a low-cost, innovative, cloud hosting platform, Gandi provides hosting for a community of people working on technology that enables the Internet for business, while also advocating for the free and unrestricted sharing of information and the promotion of the respect of individual rights. Organizations that Gandi.net supports include Creative Commons, EFF, and Students for Free Culture, among others. You can follow Gandi on Twitter @gandibar. For more information, please visit: www.gandi.net or call 410 429-7402.