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Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Weight Reduction Claims are Subtantiated by the Weight Loss Journal of America

May 21, 2014 / Garcinia Cambogia Extract has recently been in the spotlight for its unique weight loss abilities.

Garcinia Cambogia is simply another name for the ingredient Tamarindus indica, used frequently in South-East Asian and Indian food spicing. The dried fruit has been used safely without adverse effects in these cultures for hundreds of generations. Few supplements on the market are able to make a claim of such historical magnitude, making Garcinia Cambogia one of the safest fat-loss supplements ever available. The recent popularity of the Garcinia Cambogia Extract supplement, has prompted the Weight Loss Journal of America to analyze multiple double-blind studies, into the overall safety and effectiveness of this product.

Initial claims by the media determined that subjects who used a particular grade of the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, lost much more weight then subjects who were given a placebo. After these claims were made, numerous studies by various institutions conducted research on the supplement. "It almost immediately became apparent that Garcinia Cambogia is effective for weight loss, providing the grade of the product meets the standard," stated Kevin Moss of the WLJA, referring to how many low grade products are being sold as the real thing.

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When the Weight Loss Journal of America compiled all the data from 10 of the top studies regarding Garcinia Cambogia and weight loss, many common themes appeared. "We found subjects who used high grade Garcinia Cambogia supplements consistently lost much more weight then the placebo groups; furthermore, we noticed products that were low in quality did nothing for weight loss." All the studies analyzed concluded that the active ingredient found to fight fat in Garcinia Cambogia is Hydroxycitric - Acid (HCA), and providing the Garcinia Cambogia ingested is of "high grade," and contains a minimum of 60% HCA, weight loss was "highly likely to occur."

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In one controlled study, 60 overweight people went on an eight-week diet of 1,200 calories per day with either a 1,300 mg daily dose of HCA or a placebo. The HCA group lost 14 pounds, compared to the 6.1 pounds in the placebo group. The study published in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy concluded that the supplement was indeed a "highly effective adjunct to healthy weight control." According to the data, with no changes in diet, a person may lose up to 11 pounds in a month; but as with all weight loss plans, adding exercise and eating healthfully are recommended, along with sourcing a quality product.

Another study published in World Journal of Supplements also cites some great benefits of Garcinia Cambogia. In the study, subjects were fed a high-fat diet and monitored while given the extract. The study found that the extract helped in the molecular absorption of fats (aiding in the metabolism of fatty acids and modulating enzyme activity).

Additional Findings by the World Journal of Supplements

- Bad LDL Cholesterol was lowered by 10%-26%
- Good HDL Cholesterol increased 18%-22%.
- Participants lost an average of 16 pounds in 12 weeks.


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How Garcinia Cambogia Works

Weight loss Supplements usually work by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, the system responsible for the "fight or flight" response. Often these types of stimulant supplements leave people feeling dirty, with a racing mind, and their heart pounding. They raise your blood pressure, increasing risk of heart attack and stroke, among many other side effects.

Garcinia Cambogia is not a stimulant, it acts differently by inhibiting an enzyme in the body (citric acid lyase) responsible for synthesizing fatty-acids, a process known as de novo lipogenesis. This blocks the bodies ability to store fat, leaving it free to be immediately used by the body as a source of energy. In addition to this, it helps free already stored fat, allowing the body to burn it off quickly.

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The effects of Garcinia Cambogia Extract are two channeled, this means it works with a two pronged approach to weight loss.

-First, it appears to have an immediate effect on serotonin levels in the brain, the "feel good" chemical. By increasing levels of serotonin, mood is increased and appetite is suppressed; effectively eliminating emotional eating habits.

- Second, the active chemical in the extract called Hydroxy-citric Acid (HCA) interrupts the bodies ability to synthesize fatty acids, effectively blocking fat from being stored and leaving it readily available as an immediate source of energy. This not only leads to significant fat loss, but greatly increases energy levels and highly enhances feelings of well being.

- Recent research suggests that Garcinia Cambogia Extract may act by a third pathway, directly attacking abdominal fat. Instead of storing fat, it releases the fat to be used immediately by the body as a source of energy. Although tests are still being done to confirm this third pathway, the implications are incredible. One 2014 Journal of American Supplements study revealed significant weight loss among users without changing diet or exercise.

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Garcinia Cambogia Safety

"Sourcing the right brand of Garcinia Cambogia extract is the majority of the battle in achieving safe weight loss, with this product."

The major concern with the use of some Garcinia Cambogia products are the mixtures used, not Garcinia Cambogia extract itself. Pure Garcinia Cambogia showed no side effects, and side effects only occurred in inferior unnatural Garcinia Cambogia extract products. Overall, if a quality brand of the product is used, Garcinia Cambogia is extremely safe.

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Things to Look For when purchasing Garcinia Cambogia Extract

- The Product is Made in the U.S.A
- Must contain 60% HCA
- All Natural Ingredients.
- No toxic additives or fillers on product's label.
- Is a proven product.
- High Potency Extraction Process
- The Garcinia Cambogia Extract is Backed by Human Clinical Trails.

With chemical and physical interactions occurring within a supplement, it is difficult to determine the exact efficiency of the product remaining. Manufactures are not required to list the exact amount of fillers within the supplement; therefore it is difficult to determine the amount of non-medicinal ingredients versus medicinal ingredients used. Always use caution when putting anything in your body, and purchase only verified products.

Reasons for Unhealthy Additives in Supplements

"Supplement manufacturers often add in fillers to their garcinia cambogia Extract for numerous reasons."

1.Easier and faster production (cutting costs): Supplements like garcinia cambogia Extract, involve an extraction procedure which requires more time and more money to acquire and finish product product. Rather then spend the time or money, additives are used leading to an inferior product.

2. More appealing to the eye (colorants): We eat and buy with our eyes, low quality manufactures of garcinia cambogia Extract know this, so artificial colors are used to make their product more appealing to the eye, again leading to an ineffective product.

3. Easier to swallow (coatings): Magnesium Stearate is used as a lubricant so that the pills don’t stick to one another, or to the equipment being used during production. This is the sole reason why magnesium stearate is used in supplements and vitamins. Magnesium Stearate is a toxic ingredient, and should not be added to supplements as it caries serious health consequences. Access garcinia cambogia products that do not contain dangerous additives here.

Fundamentals to Healthy Weight Loss

Throughout all of the studies, it is always mentioned that result are dramatically increased when supplements are combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Daily Tip for Weight Loss

1. Eat less than you burn: This may seem obvious, but the vast majority of dieters grossly underestimate how much they actually eat. Unless you are measuring your food and crunching the numbers, you are almost certainly eating several hundred calories more than you think you are. Try it for a day, you will be surprised.

2. Exercise: You are not an Olympic athlete, so don't feel pressured to train like one. Start small, and build from it. Are you already somewhat active? Try a fitness class or a new sport. Not active at all? Go for a walk. Start with something comfortable, even if its just 10 minutes at a brisk pace. Add 5 minutes the next day, and so forth. As always, consult a physician before beginning any new intensive exercise program if you suffer from any serious health problem, but any study clearly supports how an active life leads to less health problems, including weight.

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