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Gary Mittman -- Announces Ringless Messenger to Revolutionize the World of Direct Client Contact

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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - July 12, 2016) - The Digital Age has changed daily life in countless ways, and now Gary Mittman wants to revolutionize the way businesses connect with their customers and potential clients. Ringless Messenger, a new service solution from Mittman's Digital Consultants, provides advertisers, content publishers and other proactive companies with a fully customizable, non-intrusive yet direct way to reach out to new leads -- and secure the trust of return customers. By leaving a voicemail message without ever placing an actual phone call, the tool is a discreet and reliable option for maintaining contact with a customer base; Mittman is positive that Ringless Messenger is the answer to the direct mail question that the 21st-century business world has been seeking.

A veteran of digital marketing with more than 25 years of experience, Gary Mittman fully understands the importance of monetizing leads and seizing opportunities created from online traffic -- and Ringless Messenger helps bridge the gap between the sales calls of the past and the seamless follow-up check-in of today. By offering companies a variety of adaptable features, the groundbreaking application also solves issues of broad-scope communication. By utilizing this effective audio message-to-voicemail contact method, users can send out everything from news updates and real-time confirmations as an auto-responder to sales follow-up calls and win-back messages to entice lapsed customers.

Another strength of Ringless Messenger is its discreet approach. Its wide array of functions eliminates the risk of interrupting busy clients or exposing them to unwanted high-pressure sales, and, of course, delivers voicemail for free, meaning that customers never incur fees from their cell phone carrier. And as opposed to email blasts, which may be ignored, deleted or blocked by spam filters, the open rates on voicemail is practically 100 percent -- a near guarantee that target audiences will hear the messages intended just for them. Another positive: all delivered messages are completely TCPA-compliant, so Ringless Messenger users can rest assured that their operations are 100% FCC compliant.

The Managing Director of Digital Consultants, Gary Mittman has capitalized on his wide-ranging involvement in affecting change on the digital marketing landscape. His clear insight into the field has served as the catalyst for this venture, keenly finding "revenue in the nooks and crannies of companies' own operation," as he so succinctly puts it.

Having served as President and Co-Founder of Nami Media Inc., which created the premier PPC management platform, a model for premium conversion of traffic sources before being acquired in 2014, Gary Mittman is a long-standing authority on direct advertising. Previously, he built three start ups and lead them to exit. With plans to build his new ventures assisting publisher and businesses find new money on their own eco-systems, Mittman plans to attend New York's Affiliate Summit East 2016 this summer, where his extensive marketing knowledge will surely be a welcome asset to the proceedings.

Gary Mittman -- Managing Director of Digital Consultants: http://garymittman.com

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