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Gas Monkey Garage Restores Ferrari F40 to Perfection

Jeff Perez

If you’re not already familiar with the show Fast N’ Loud on Discovery Channel, we suggest you tune in. The show follows the musings of one outspoken garage owner (Richard Rawlings), in an “unscripted” reality format as he and his team complete some of the coolest restoration projects around.

Gas Monkey’s latest project comes in the form of a quarter-million dollar Ferrari F40 restoration. The same F40- you may remember- which was crashed by a mechanic in Houston back in 2011.

After some much needed TLC, a few hundreds of thousands of dollars later, and some grey hairs on the heads of mechanics everywhere, the F40 was finally ready for a custom Gas Monkey look. Ditching the red paint scheme for something a bit more sinister, the team went for a silky smooth black look, complete with an added set of custom HRE wheels, new exhaust and a lowered suspension.

Ferrari F40

Inside, they went ahead and ditched the signature red Ferrari race seats in place of some lightweight black Recaros, and went even so far as to take out the flip-up headlights and affix a set of running LED’s, of which we highly approve.

All this Ferrari ended up going home with a friend of the shop (and original investor on the project) Dennis Collins for close to $800K.

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