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Gasoline prices in Arizona at $3.35 per gallon

PHOENIX (AP) -- Gasoline prices at the pump around Arizona are lower again this week.

Officials with Triple-A Arizona said Thursday that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is at $3.35 a gallon. That's more than three cents lower than last week.

This week's national average is at $3.43 per gallon, down by 6 cents from the previous week.

Triple-A analysts say the price drop is due to "sufficient supplies, flat demand, the lower price of crude oil and an impending move to cheaper winter-blend gasoline."

Tucson has the lowest average gasoline price in Arizona at $3.27 a gallon while Flagstaff has the highest at $3.59.

South Carolina has the lowest average gas prices in the continental U.S. at $3.11 a gallon with California having the highest at $3.96 a gallon.