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Gavin Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer of SHFL entertainment, Inc. (SHFL) Discusses Move into Global Online Gambling

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Topics covered: Hotel Occupancy, Rates and RevPAR Trend Upward - U.S. Regional and Emerging Market Hospitality - Gaming Opportunities In Asian Markets - Macau VIP and Mass Market Gaming

Companies include: Shuffle Master Inc. (SHFL)

In the following excerpt from the Gaming and Leisure Report, the CEO of SHFL entertainment discusses the outlook for his company for investors:

TWST: Are there any other areas of growth SHFL entertainment is particularly focused on, and does the company expect growth going forward to be through acquisitions or a mix of that and internal growth?

Mr. Isaacs: I think our growth comes from two sources. One of them is organic. That's why in each of our areas we have a deep set of growth drivers, such as new product innovations and greater market penetration. I mentioned Asia, which is obviously a great growing market for us. At my previous companies, Latin America was such a big part of the market, and it only represents 2% of SHFL's total revenues. We're just re-embarking on a new push into those markets, because the economies there have done well and are strong, so Asia and Latin America are key focuses in relation to new markets. Whilst our shufflers are in many casinos all around the world, our slot machines and e-tables are only really in a few regions. So we see opportunities for moving and establishing products into those other areas. We spend most of our time on that.

In relation to regulated online markets, clearly Europe is the core at the moment, but we're still excited by the prospect of the U.S. adopting it at some stage. We're not spending a lot of time and effort on that, but we are definitely positioning ourselves for that event. We're putting out our titles on a free-to-play basis, so that we have infrastructure in place and can build brand exposure in the interim. That way, when the U.S. moves forward with online gaming, we will be in a position to flip the switch.

We also look at acquisitions. Tuck-in acquisitions make a lot of sense, like any other company, I guess, when they align with your strategy and you have clearly communicated it. We always look for compelling I.P. to fold into the portfolio. As for larger acquisitions, as long as there's the right culture, the right strategic fit and they're accretive, we'd be very open to doing them. But major acquisitions are something that, in our sector, don't happen too often. So while we're interested in evaluating potential M&A, we don't spend a lot of time on it.

TWST: SHFL entertainment was in the process of acquiring the company Ongame Network, but ultimately decided not to proceed with that. What led to that decision?

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