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GCR Network Introduces New Enterprise-Level Tokenization Solution

LITHUANIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / GCR (Gold Coin Reserve), a gold-backed digital asset and blockchain network, has introduced a new enterprise-level tokenization solution. The innovative solution, which is aimed towards corporate institutions, was necessitated by the rise of DeFi, as well as the growth of Layer-2 solutions such as metaverses, NFTs, and Web 3.0 projects in general.


While Layer-2 solutions and the DeFi ecosystem have grown at a rapid pace, there has been a significant disconnect between the decentralized economy and its real-world applications. Notably, real-world asset-based tokenization solutions have yet to gain traction, and this is one of the core problems that the newly-launched GCR tokenization solution is intended to solve.

With the GCR tokenization solution being readily available, institutional partners will be able to seamlessly confront industry-wide challenges such as the lack of regulatory clarity, insufficient technical know-how, and tough institutional standards.

Why the GCR tokenization solution?

To explain more precisely, the GCR tokenization solution is a component of the GCR Network, an initiative aiming to close the gap between adhering to existing institutional regulatory standards, and taking advantage of the endless possibilities that tokenization and blockchain technology provide.

The fundamental purpose of the GCR network, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is to create common ground between the traditional business world and the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

In order to achieve its aforementioned goals, the GCR Network wants to leverage its newly-introduced tokenization solution as it is designed in such a way that it offers end-users a rare opportunity to claim ownership over their assets both virtually and physically.

"So let's say you create NFTs or related projects, or you want to have digital art that's represented by tokens, you can also have the physical art displayed or stored safely in this facility.

Similarly, you can have diamonds, or gold, for example, stored in this facility; pretty much any sort of valuables that you would like to have stored and presented to clients at this particular facility," Arturas Svirskis, one of the project's founders, explained.

In other words, for each virtual asset hosted on the network, there would be a physical counterpart housed in a physical facility owned by the network. This further means that a tokenized asset stored within the network can be simply swapped with a physical object at any given time.

Another interesting aspect of the GCR Network is that it is mainly targeted at those users who are not particularly crypto savvy. The newly-introduced solution will serve as a gateway that enables users, who may lack crypto specific expertise, to access the sector in an easily digestible way, as well as to enable interaction with various crypto assets.

At an enterprise-level, the GCR network, which also operates as a host blockchain, is designed to cater to "tech heads," and those existing multimillion enterprises which are planning to build their own tokens.

In addition to providing an easy-to-navigate platform for such enterprises, the GCR network also ensures that they are creating a regulated, safe environment, allowing for partners to step into the crypto space without any fear.

Ultimately, unlike other blockchain networks, GCR provides a satisfying comfort level for both enterprises and individuals who may otherwise be unfamiliar with the crypto industry, and therefore unable to interact with the blockchain world.

About the GCR Network

The GCR Network is a multipurpose network, and a hybrid chain system that provides enterprise-grade solutions. Notably, the Network is segmented into two major sub-platforms: the GCR digital asset Alliance, and Network.

The GCR digital asset Alliance is similar in nature to conventional internet banking platforms. While it doubles as a DEX platform, the GCR Alliance platform can be accessed by individuals for any exchange activities.

The other platform is the GCR Network which doubles as a host blockchain for corporate institutions and "tech heads" with existing business models who are seeking to tokenize their asset portfolios, supply chains, and more.

Media Contact:
Arturas Svirskis
+370 611 87792

SOURCE: Euromedia Monitoring

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