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GEI Global Energy Corp. Exceeds Proof of Concept With Customer Acceptance of Bio Energy Unit

FLINT, MI--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2015) - GEI Global Energy Corp. ( OTC PINK : GEIG ), a fuel cell electric power generation company, announced on January 5, 2015 the conclusion of system upgrades and shipment of the company's GEN IV technology (www.geiglobal.com). Today the company announces the completion of installation, training, and customer acceptance of its Bio Energy unit for processing bio fuels and producing a hydrogen rich reformate for fuel cell electrical power generation (proof of concept).

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The GEI GLOBAL Bio Energy unit was able to reduce bio contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide and siloxanes to less than 1 PPM (parts-per-million), and produced a hydrogen rich reformate fuel with less than 2% CO sufficient to generate electrical power with a high temperature PEM (Polymer Exchange Membrane) fuel cell.

"Our fuel cell power generation technology is rapidly maturing," stated GEI's Chairman and CEO, K.J. Berry, "we provide an automated electrical power generation system with an ability to extract a hydrogen rich feed stock from renewable and bio fuels. We are focused on fuel cell electrical power production on a global basis, regardless if the fuel supply is from a natural gas wellhead in New Jersey, a bio methane facility in Italy, or a bio agricultural waste-to-fuel treatment facility in Africa. We are committed to developing efficient power generation technologies that support a decentralized smart grid for clean, sustainable, and environmentally friendly electrical power," concluded Berry.

GEI Global further announces accelerated efforts to identify and to secure alignment with global partners for mergers and acquisitions focused on commercialization and manufacturing. The GEI Global staff will be on holiday from January 15, 2015 to February 2, 2015.

About GEI Global Energy Corp.
GEI Global Energy Corp is a fuel cell electrical power generation company leveraging a menu of novel and innovative fuel cell power systems technologies to provide clean and inexpensive energy solutions for developing economies. 

For more information regarding GEI GLOBAL's vision for an energy secure future, please click on the following video link: http://private.geiglobal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/who-is-gei5.mp4.

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