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GEICO Asks: Are You Covered or Not for Ridesharing?


You are a driver for a transportation network company and then the unfortunate happens. Someone sideswipes your vehicle. In the chaotic moments after the accident, a question about your personal auto insurance coverage arises. GEICO asks: are you fully covered or not for ridesharing?

“If you are driving for a rideshare company with a personal auto insurance policy, you might be taking a huge risk,” said Othello Powell, GEICO director of commercial lines. “Most personal auto policies were never designed to protect you or your vehicle for commercial purposes.”

A typical personal auto policy contains coverage gaps and limitations for ridesharing and package delivery. If an accident does happen with your personal auto policy, you have to provide your insurance carrier with specific details, including the phase of the ride you were in. Was the app on or off? Did you have a passenger or any packages in the vehicle? Depending on your answers, you may not have the coverage you thought you had.

“Replacing your personal auto policy with GEICO’s rideshare and on-demand delivery policy is the best way to safeguard yourself and eliminate any confusion,” said Powell. “Our product provides complete protection for personal usage, ridesharing and package delivery, whether the app is on or off.”

GEICO's ridesharing and on-demand policy is now offered in 36 states and the District of Columbia. The state you live in and the insurance coverage offered in your area will determine the type of policy that is available to you.

For more information, visit www.geicorideshare.com.

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