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Gemini daily horoscope

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Wednesday 16, October

With your ruler Mercury going retrograde in about two weeks (on Halloween, to be exact) you're already feeling the initial bumps from the shadow phase. Even though you may not yet feel the full-on effects on the technical end, pay attention to your schedule and daily activities. You're likely to experience the biggest impacts in your work life between now and early December.

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Tuesday 15, October

With your ruler Mercury and Neptune in a sweet and emotional trine today, everything feels extra deep, Gemini. You might be able to be more intuitive about career matters than usual. You're extra psychic and in tune with your work environment, too. This doesn't mean you should ignore details, it just means your instincts are sharp.

Monday 14, October

The Sun in Libra squares off with Pluto today, bringing a bit of post-Full Moon transformation your way. If you were unable (or unwilling) to let go of something you know you need to shed in recent days, these stars can shake it loose, Gemini. Don't cling to what you no longer need - you'll feel free.

Sunday 13, October

It's a Full Moon today and it's quite explosive. You may be in the midst of a heated blowout with a friend or colleague that had been building for days. Give yourself plenty of outlets to blow off steam so you don't burn bridges by saying something you might later regret.

Saturday 12, October

The stars are all about your social life and long-term goals at the moment, Gemini. You are likely feeling super restless and ready to blow things up if they aren't working for you. if colleagues or friends are getting on your last nerve, count to ten before doing or saying something you might regret.

Friday 11, October

Your career vision is where it's at now, Gemini. You've got big ideas, big dreams and a big agenda. Now the only issue is focusing and finishing so you can make your ideas manifest. You're not quite ready to sit down and plow through the boring elements of the work quite yet.

Thursday 10, October

The Moon continues to light up the very top of your chart today, Gemini. You've got every excuse to focus exclusively on your dreams and how you can bring them into reality to meet your career goals. You might feel really out there with your imagination, but that's precisely your brilliance.

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