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Gemini daily horoscope

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Tuesday 16, July

Get ready for yet another round of potent revelations, Gemini. The Full Moon/Lunar eclipse arrives today and puts the focus on your deepest fears, insecurities and secrets. This could be one of the most transformative lunations of the entire year. Even if it's a bit rough at first take, your resourcefulness is about to be unleashed.

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Monday 15, July

Don't let your fears get the better of you, darling. There is a powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brewing in your house of transformation and insecurities. Many secrets are about to be revealed. Can you handle it? You have so many tricks up your sleeve and as the most flexible sign of the zodiac, so of course you can!

Sunday 14, July

Pluto, the planet in charge of transformative experiences, is opposite the Sun today. Nothing feels more intense than this does, Gemini - especially just a few days before a major Full Moon/Eclipse in your house of transformation. You can't hide from your emotions, so don't even try - let it out.

Saturday 13, July

The Moon is conjunct Jupiter today, bringing the kind of expansion and forward-thinking you crave - especially when it comes to your one-to-one relationships. This is the shot of optimism you really need right now, Gemini, so lean into love and partnership. The eclipse is coming and you need all the goodness you can get.

Friday 12, July

Ah, there it is, Gemini - the relief of having survived a very tough week in the stars. The harshest aspects are over now and the Moon is in your opposite sign, begging you to grab some serious downtime this weekend. Aim for as little movement as possible - park yourself on the sofa and binge your fave shows.

Thursday 11, July

You're one of the few signs that can get through today's volatile aspects without undue harm, Gemini. With aggressive Mars going up against anything-goes Uranus, everything is in flux. But you do well when quick-thinking is called for, and that's exactly what people will need today.

Wednesday 10, July

The Moon moves into your work zone today, helping you to buckle down and dive into the details of your current projects. You really need this extra focus during this otherwise completely insane week in the stars. Tune everything else out and get it done, Gemini.

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