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General election poll: Tory support up as Brexit Party backing dips, new poll reveals

Jacob Jarvis

The Tories have extended their lead over Labour by three per cent while support for the Brexit Party is waning in the run up to the general election, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted after the Brexit Party said it would not stand in Conservative-held seats at the December 12 vote, put the Conservatives on 43 per cent.

This was up three points from a poll last week, ahead of Labour who were unchanged at 30 per cent.

The Panelbase poll, for which 1,021 people were quizzed between November 13 and 14.

The stats were based on a combination of first choice responses and second choice for those whose top choice party is not actually standing in their constituency.

This was done to account for the Brexit Party's withdrawal from certain seats as well as Remain party pacts which have seen some candidates drop out.

It contributed to a one per cent rise for the Conservatives but did not affect the Lib Dems' or Labour's numbers, Panelbase said.

Earlier on Friday, Tory support hit 40 per cent, increasing the party's lead over Labour ahead of the general election, according to the rolling average of opinion polls.

Labour had been creeping up on the Conservatives over the past week but as of Friday support for Jeremy Corbyn's party remained at 29 per cent.

The figures come after the Prime Minister made his first keynote speech in the general election campaign this week.

In this he pledged to drive a clean energy revolution while investing in the NHS, cutting crime and helping people with the cost of living if he wins on December 12.

Labour has meanwhile vowed to connect millions of people with a fast and free full-fibre Internet.

This week Tory supporters who oppose no-deal Brexit were also told to consider "lending" their votes to the Lib Dems, while two former Labour MPs urged Labour voters to support the Tories.

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