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Genesys Fund - on How Innovative Technologies Drive Impact Investing

PORT VILA, VANUATU / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2018 / Investment in projects for the social good is growing. According to a recent survey by the Global Impact Investing Network, more than 25 billion USD was put into impact investments in 2017, an increase of 17 percent from the year before. Within social investing, there has arisen a thriving niche of ''tech for good'' activists who focus on technology start-ups that, while run for profit, are also committed to making a positive impact on society. Genesys Fund, an award winning forex and commodities broker that specializes in finding opportunities for clients to make a positive societal and environmental influence, discusses the tech ventures that are driving impact investing.

''While philanthropy and investments have traditionally been viewed as two distinct areas, there has been a growing synergy in recent years with the ever-increasing popularity of investments seeking to deliver a measurable social benefit,'' said Genesys Fund. ''If just one percent of the estimated 80 trillion USD passing through global markets was allocated to impact investing, the capital pool would be about three times larger than the total annual charitable giving in the United States.'' According to the previously referenced Global Impact Investing Network report, more than 10 billion USD in impact investing assets already sits in Latin America, and there are arguments that even traditional tech investors buying into startups that attract talent and create jobs are positively affecting the region's communities. ''The movement is going to redefine capital markets,'' said Amit Bhatia, the head of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing. Bhatia estimates that the global market for socially-conscious investment will grow to 300 billion USD by 2020, reaching more than a billion people in need.

Most importantly, investors in the space are making a profit. The latest annual report from the Social Stock Exchange calculates that impact investment funds have an average internal rate of return of 9.5 percent. ''Profit and returns have a unique meaning in the impact space,'' said Genesys Fund. ''Without profit, you don't have the sustainability to prompt change on a greater scale.'' Companies including Digital Mums - a business that helps mothers with in-demand digital skills pursue flexible careers that can fit around family life - and Open Utility - a service that allows people to buy excess solar power from their neighbours - are prime examples of tech ventures that are improving society along with investor portfolios.

Founded in 2016, Genesys Fund is a globally recognized brokerage firm that works alongside philanthropic groups to provide them with investment management services aimed at increasing their impact and ability to act as a force for good. In turn, the company offers like-minded investors the opportunity to have a positive social and environmental impact while increasing returns with their proprietary investment strategies. Genesys Fund's investment solutions are available for amatuer, wholesale and professional investors, with detailed performance information available upon request.

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