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Genetic Technologies announces independent clinical validation study of BrevaGen

Genetic Technologies announces the publication online in Breast Cancer Research & Treatment on Friday, June 21 of a study titled, "Using SNP genotypes to improve the discrimination of a simple breast cancer risk prediction model." This independent study investigated the impact of seven single nucleotide polymorphisms on the predictive accuracy of the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool. The authors used the Australian Breast Cancer Family Registry to study a population-based sample of 962 cases aged 35-59 years and 463 controls frequency matched for age and for whom genotyping data was available. These seven SNPs are utilized in the company's BREVAGen breast cancer risk assessment test. The new Australian study supports the previous observation of Mealiffe et al. that including information on seven SNPs associated with breast cancer risk improves the discriminatory accuracy of BCRAT, and extends that observation in pre-menopausal women aged 35-49 years. Genetic Technologies is now actively progressing a research program with leading international academic collaborators to confirm these observations in other ethnic populations and to incorporate the full portfolio of currently known common breast cancer susceptibility variants into the BREVAGen test.