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Geniusmods Controllers Revolutionize Video Gaming

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 12, 2013) - Give Gamers a unique advantage this Holiday season with performance enhancing "genius" controllers from Geniusmods (http://geniusmods.com). Revolutionizing gaming in time for Christmas 2013, Geniusmods introduces the first custom controllers for Sony's PlayStation 4. Geniusmods controllers are also available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. Customization of selected design features is available on Geniusmods controllers but it is the exceptional programming functions that truly give the user an edge when playing games on the hottest Holiday gifts: gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation from Sony. These immensely popular consoles sold over 1 million units in their first day on the market demonstrating a need for "next generation" controllers with state of the art mods fully maximizing the gaming experience. To witness the Geniusmods edge, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMW8-Cf39a4.


The first to offer performance-enhancing modded controllers for PlayStation4 and Xbox One, Geniusmods has cracked the code: Next generation consoles offer the advanced mods that have already set Geniusmods apart from the competition. For example, for the billion-unit selling game Call of Duty Ghosts, Geniusmods controllers give the gamer an outstanding edge by allowing faster aim and shoot time. The result: more successful evasion of enemy fire which has made Geniusmods breakthrough controllers a must have for the passionate fans of Call of Duty and other remarkably popular video games.

According to Amazon.com's list of Top Rated Gamepads for Xbox 360, Geniusmods ranks among the top controller manufacturers based on customer reviews and excellent customer support. Geniusmods was founded in 2008 in response to a growing demand for performance enhancing controllers. One of the first companies to start offering modded Xbox 360 and Playstation cosmetically modified controllers Geniusmods has evolved to offer the most advanced and polished mods possible. With Geniusmods controllers, FPS performance is greatly improved. Additionally, the user is assisted in shooting faster than they normally would with such mods as quickscope, jump shot, auto-aim, drop shot, and many more. 

"The Geniusmods team consists of avid gamers with a true passion for video games allowing us to stay on top of the latest trends as we produce the best controllers possible," states CEO Tim Erven. "Since we are gamers, we know what gamers want." Offering email support seven (7) days a week, with telephone support being offered five (5) days a week, Geniusmods provides immediate support for any questions or concerns, contact 800-280-4032 or go to www.geniusmods.com. Suggested retail for the new Playstation 4 Geniusmods controller is $159.99.