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Genomic Health presents Oncotype DX studies reinforcing value of tests

Genomic Health announced results from four studies highlighting the value of its Oncotype DX tests for optimizing treatment for patients with breast and colon cancer. Three new decision impact studies - including the company's first international decision impact study in colon cancer and additional evidence for the Oncotype DX breast cancer test's significant impact on breast cancer treatment decisions in the United Kingdom - were among data presented at the European Cancer Congress. The results were presented on the heels of the recent National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidance announcement that recommended the use of Oncotype DX "as an option to help clinicians decide whether to prescribe chemotherapy in people with early breast cancer." The results of two colon cancer studies from Israel and the Unites States highlight the value of individualized recurrence risk assessment to enable physicians to identify high-risk patients who can experience a greater potential benefit from chemotherapy, as well as patients with a low risk of recurrence who can be spared unnecessary treatment. As part of the company's commitment to studying the use of Oncotype DX in different types and stages of cancer, researchers also reported results from a clinical validation study of the colon cancer test in stage II and stage III rectal cancer patients treated with surgery alone, which demonstrated similarities in colon and rectal cancer biology.