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George Caceres' Upcoming Book, 'FOCUS–STRATEGY–POWER', Will Help Entrepreneurs Go the Next Level

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2020 / Versatility is one of the most valuable skills in any industry. It enables a person to tackle complex challenges and build more collaborative relationships to establish a strong social network. George Caceres is the personification of versatility, as he thrives as a man of many hats; he is a model, director, film producer, and the creator of Vocal Star in the entertainment industry, and an entrepreneur, business developer, business strategist, and best-selling author.

With a wealth of experience and his personal tale of success, his first book, Do the Hustle, brings its readers from struggle to abundance. It shares the methods which allowed him to generate income from his back-up businesses while he pursued his artistic dreams, and in the process, teaches its readers the secrets to achieving personal and financial freedom.

George Caceres is gearing up for the grand launch of his second self-help book, FOCUS-STRATEGY-POWER. It provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs looking to break through to the next level. With three generations' worth of business insight from a family of self-made entrepreneurs, this book details how entrepreneurs can create the systems to convert their small to medium-scale businesses to a virtual global business.

The best-selling author channels his passion for helping people prosper into creating business opportunities that adapt and evolve according to the changes in current society. Especially given the massive overhaul to what was considered ‘normal' life due to the advent of the COVID-19 era, businesses who could not adapt to the transition to the virtual world had the rug pulled from under their feet.

This global transition from the physical to the virtual has unlocked a new world of possibilities for businesses in every industry. Still, the uncertainty of the unknown hinders entrepreneurs from venturing into what could lead to global success. George Caceres inspires, motivates, and provides a roadmap to success that any dreamer with ideals of greatness can apply to their enterprise. Power and fulfillment are within reach for anyone who utilizes the author's techniques of clarity and focus.

Many business owners function with an outdated mindset. They view their markets through too small of a lens. In the current era of internet and technological advancement, businesses must look beyond what is physically accessible in their general area towards what is virtually accessible on the internet. There are 7.8 billion people globally, and one can achieve success even by appealing to 0.01% of that number.

George Caceres shares personal anecdotes and proven ways to overcome obstacles that people can use to achieve their ideals. With a winning formula for success built on the foundation of many years of wins and losses, he paves the way for many to prosper in life. With his books, he provides valuable tools instrumental in establishing extraordinary, fulfilling lives.

Many people dream of success, but the difference between dreamers and successful people is the actions undertaken to realize those dreams. George Caceres inspires, empowers, and motivates people to take matters into their own hands and turn their dreams into reality.

Learn more about George Caceres and his upcoming book, FOCUS-STRATEGY-POWER, by visiting the website indicated below.

Company: George Caceres
Email: info@georgecaceres.com
Phone number: 1-844-233-1000
Website: GeorgeCaceres.com

SOURCE: George Caceres

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