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George∙Gesten∙McDonald, PLLC is Investigating Legal Claims Involving 2017 Ford Explorer Passenger Seats


George∙Gesten∙McDonald, PLLC (“GGM”) announces that it has commenced an investigation of the 2017 Ford Explorer concerning possible federal and state legal violations arising from sharp seat frames that can cut drivers.

Ford Motor Company (“Ford” or the “Company”) recently announced that it is aware of hand injuries due to sharp seat edges in its 2017 Ford Explorers with power seats. The seats feature an improperly coined seat-frame edge that leaves a sharp point. Drivers and passengers who come in contact with the sharp edge when reaching between the power seat and center console can and have been cut and badly injured. The Company said that it plans to recall all models with the defect built between February 2016 and October 2017. Owners will be instructed to bring their 2017 Ford Explorers to a Ford or Lincoln Dealer to have flocking tape installed on the exposed edge and tab on the inboard side of the power seat frames.

GGM provides legal representation to victims who were injured by this 2017 Ford Explorer defect. If you may have been injured by this defect, contact GGM attorney Matthew R. Chiapperini, Esq. either by email at MChiapperini@4-justice.com or by telephone at 833-FINDJUSTICE (833-346-3587) for additional information.

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