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Gerald Thermos Files Patent Application

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2016 /

Gerald Thermos Invents 100% Polyurea Spray Coating

Gerald Thermos a leader in the field of polyurea and polyurethane coatings, invents a 100% Polyurea Spray Coating. Gerald has over 25 years of experience in this field, and has even filed for a patent for the processing and use of a 100% polyurea elastomeric system. This invention has the potential to greatly improve the quality of polyureas available on the market.

For more information about this patent please visit the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the following patent number: US 2003/0013835 A1

About The 100% Polyurea Elastomeric System

In 2001, Thermos filed an application for a patent for his invention of a product that can be used as a surface spray coating and lining. This invention is unique because the product has no polyol linkages, which lead to quicker degradation of a material. Most polymer products currently on the market are not in fact polyureas, since they contain polyol linkages. Thermos' invention is unique in that it contains no polyol linkages and is thus more resistant to deterioration. This makes it an excellent product for coating tanks, ponds, troughs, bridges, and roofs, and other areas that are typically susceptible to water.

Patent Application History

Working with Anastasios Zahariadis and under the Urethane Products Corporation, in 2001 Thermos first submitted a patent application in the United States. The application was filed internationally, in Australia, on 17 April 2002. In Australia, the OPI date, or the date when the application became available to the public, was 11 November 2002. This Australian OPI notice was published on 17 April 2004. However, by 2004 the application status became lapsed because it did not continue to the national phase within the prescribed time. When this happens, the application is considered withdrawn from the international system.

Present Status

Currently, although the application has not proceeded or been granted a patent, it is not under opposition.

About Inventor Gerald Thermos

Gerald Thermos currently resides in California and is the President of Specguard Systems Inc., a company that manufactures coatings for construction and maintenance. Prior to joining Specguard Systems, his highly successful career included leadership at THR Corporation and The Foam and Glass Company. In addition to pioneering research in the field of coatings and insulations, Thermos enjoys spending time surfing on the California beaches and traveling around the world.

Gerald Thermos can be found on Twitter at GeraldThermos and on the web at GeraldThermos1.blogspot.com and at geraldthermos.wordpress.com.

SOURCE: Gerald Thermos