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Get 20 Percent off Turcom Bluetooth Speakers (Deal of the Day)

Bluetooth speakers are right up there with socks and shoes these days in my list of necessary accessories. They sit in the kitchen fueling food preparation and move to the deck right along with the food and drink. A speaker that can survive the journey – even if that trip includes a dunk in the ice bucket – is a plus.

I included the Turcom AcoustoShock Wireless (and rugged) speaker in my round up last week of best tech gifts under $100. This week, I persuaded Turcom to knock 20 percent off its entire range of rugged Bluetooth speakers. The big one (the AcoustoShock; normally $90) has a big sound to go with its big self. And it can power your cell phone or tablet while delivering the tunes. The small one (the AcoustoShock Mini; normally $38) is ultra-portable. It’s small enough to clip to your backpack. And the middle one (the AcoustoShock Move; normally $45) recalls the look of an old-school portable radio, complete with a carrying handle that doubles as a stand.

Use the code YAHOO20 at TurcomUSA.com until December 9.  

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