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Who gets audited by the Internal Revenue Service?

The Associated Press

The Internal Revenue Service only audits about 1 percent of individual tax returns each year. But the more money you make, the more likely you are to get audited. A look at which returns were audited in the 2012 budget year:


Individual returns filed in the previous year: 143 million.

Audited by mail: 1.1 million.

Audited in person: 360,000.

Audit rate: 1 percent.


Individual returns with incomes above $200,000: 4.8 million.

Audited by mail: 109,000.

Audited in person: 70,000.

Audit rate: 3.7 percent.


Individual returns with incomes above $1 million: 337,000.

Audited by mail: 23,000.

Audited in person: 18,000.

Audit rate: 12.1 percent.


Small corporation returns (assets under $10 million): 1.9 million.

Audited: 21,200.

Audit rate: 1.1 percent.


Large corporation returns (assets $10 million and higher): 60,500.

Audited: 10,800.

Audit rate: 17.8 percent.


Source: IRS enforcement: http://tinyurl.com/agwzcon