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Giants hitch a ride with broadcasters after their bus breaks down

After getting swept by the Reds, and outscored 31-5, the Giants’ troubles in Cincinnati still weren’t over. (AP Photo/Michael E. Keating)

The New York Mets may be the biggest dumpster fire in baseball right now, but the San Francisco Giants aren’t far behind.

The Giants are 11-21, without their best player for at least few months due to a dirt bike accident and just got rocked over three games in Cincinnati.

If only that were rock bottom. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t come for another hour or two on a highway near northern Kentucky.

While trying to escape Ohio — and after getting outscored by the Reds 31-5, you can’t really blame them for wanting out — the Giants’ team bus broke down on the side of the road.

That’s when Dave Flemming, the team’s broadcaster, and his crew happened upon them and kindly offered a ride.

According to the East Bay Times, the Giants all piled on the broadcast bus and we can only imagine how uncomfortably cramped that ride was.

Look, when times are bad, times are bad. And the Giants have it nearly  as bad as anyone.

We say nearly, because, well, the Mets still exist. And fortunately for the Giants, guess who they get to play on Monday Night Baseball in front of the nation?

Oh yeah. It’s the Mets.

Get ready for a primetime matchup between one franchise with everything going wrong and one franchise that may, or may not, be hitchhiking a ride to Citi Field.

This might be one of the only series all season where fights breakout in the stands over which team has it worse.

The answer is obviously the Mets. Which is the other point here. Baseball karma can be cruel. So when you’re stuck on the side of the road in northern Kentucky, there may not be a more perfect time to remember those three World Series wins since 2010 and remind yourself things could be worse.

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