GigaStar Completes its First YouTube Creator's Revenue Share Offering, Validates Market Demand

The channel drop, which sold out in an hour, successfully closed on April 27th, validating demand for bringing Creators and Fans together as partners.

CHICAGO, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- GigaStar, a startup bringing Creators and Fans together as partners, announced that its first YouTube Creator's securitized revenue share offering on GigaStar Market has successfully closed, validating its business model.

GigaStar fuels human creativity by bringing YouTube Creators and Fans together as partners
GigaStar fuels human creativity by bringing YouTube Creators and Fans together as partners

With his channel drop opening on April 6, YouTube Creator Brian Kim, owner of the channel ClearValue Tax, offered 10% of his channel's future revenue to his Fans, digitally represented by 2,500 Channel Revenue Tokens (CRTs).

The drop sold out in an hour, meeting 100% of its $60,000 target raise and resulting in over 7,700 new GigaStar Market accounts. An investor waitlist of an additional 500% of the target had accumulated by the offering close date.

"I'm excited to share my journey and my channel's future with my Fans, and their support has boosted my motivation," said Brian Kim. "GigaStar made a win-win partnership with my Fans a reality, and I'm already seeing increased engagement across my channel."

"The success of Brian's drop underscores our mission to fuel human creativity" said GigaStar CEO, Hazem Dawani. "Our business hypothesis that Fans want to invest in Creators and help them grow their channels has been validated. We're as committed as ever to empowering Creator Economy entrepreneurs."

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About GigaStar

GigaStar fuels human creativity by bringing YouTube Creators and Fans together as partners in revenue sharing securities. Fans can invest in YouTube Creators to support their channel's future, unlock special perks, and share in the Creator's journey. GigaStar leverages blockchain technology to give Creators streamlined access to funding, a new way to innovate Fan engagement, and the potential to bolster channel growth by transforming thousands of their fans into an army of promoters. Learn more at and join the GigaStar Discord at

Creator Networks, Inc.(dba GigaStar). GigaStar is the Parent Company of GigaStar Portal, LLC (dba GigaStar Market), an SEC registered funding portal member of FINRA, and GigaStar Technologies LLC, offering blockchain and smart contract solutions via GigaStar Portfolio. 

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