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‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Turns Her Obsession Into a Business

Gilmore Girls ended its original television run 10 years ago, but 39-year-old Ember Quillweb says her obsession with the show is still going strong. In fact, she even kind of lives in Stars Hollow, since parts of her home have been transformed into sets from the show.

Ember remembers watching the first episode when it came out back in 2000, and says she loved the show’s quick and witty dialogue, its characters and its overall look.

Ember says she instantly identified with Lorelai, her favorite character, in part because they share a love of coffee and the same fashion sense.

The New Jersey-based artist says she’s always been into buying and selling vintage clothing, and she recently decided to make that into a business. Like any truly obsessed fan, her true passion came through: Ember realized a lot of the pieces in her collection looked like they were straight out of the show. Some of them were even the exact same items!

Ember launched her website, Gilmore Garbs, last year, and perhaps the most impressive part of Ember’s business is the sets she’s built to display her clothing: She’s made over her garage into a permanent shrine to Luke’s diner, and her home office looks just like part of the Dragonfly Inn. A portion of a bedroom looks just like Rory’s bedroom, and she occasionally transforms her living room into the living room from Rory’s grandparents’ home. Sometimes, she has to seek out specific Gilmore-esque locations, like the quaint gazebo from the show, or a rustic outdoor scene.

It’s an impressive testament to her devotion to the show. You can check out Ember’s Gilmore Girls set recreations and browse her selection of clothing at www.gilmoregarbs.com.

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