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Girl Pow-R Have Inspired 500,000+ Teens and Young Adults Worldwide With Newest Video

"Never Let Go" Continues Toronto-Area Pop Supergroup's Mission of Empowerment & Self-Confidence -- Especially in Today's Digital 'Influencer' Age.

TORONTO, Ontario, Jan. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Canadian pop/rock band Girl Pow-R continue their mission of empowerment this week, having inspired more than 500,000 teens and young adults worldwide with their newest video "Never Let Go" — available now!

The clip dazzles with the all-girl supergroup's dynamic dancing, and comes complete with an important message to their fellow female fans: 'stay true to you'.

It's a message dear to their hearts: Girl Pow-R have been seen around Canadian cities as of late inviting audience-members and passersby to write on their signature #GirlPowRment #Wall. "We started as a group by writing messages about friendship, acceptance and support that we find inspiring," said the band. "We really enjoy seeing what other girls and women add!"

In continuing their inspirational mission of spreading confidence and kindness, Girl Pow-R — as seen on YTV, TVO Kids, CityTV, eTalk Canada, Girls' Life, Tiger Beat, J-14, Celeb Secrets, Fresh 95.3 and more — are hoping "Never Let Go" will encourage girls to stay confident in their individuality and avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure and online influence in today's hyper-digital age.

"It's about never becoming someone you're not, even when there is pressure from your peers and the media," said Girl Pow-R alum Kalista. "Young people already face challenges with knowing who they are, they don't need the added pressure of looking like a runway model. You feel like you have to change who you are to please others."

"Be you, and be proud of who you are."

With members ranging in age from 10 - 17, Girl Pow-R's greatest strength lies in the diversity in their ages, backgrounds and life experiences. The universal things that join them together, however, are dynamic skill sets and a shared mission of empowerment among young women in the world today.

"I think we're growing more," said Kalista. "We're realizing life isn't just about having fun all day and having a good time. We've realized there are pressures and issues that everyone goes through, but nobody really talks about it."

"It grew as we grew," said Krisalyn, considering the lyrics and their message, compared to when Girl Pow-R started. "We are all a bit older now, and experiencing more mature situations."

It's been several years now of engaging with their growing audience. Girl Pow-R first came together, and the roster of talented singers, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and dancers grows each passing year. The group was formed on International Women's Day in 2017, and is looking to have a busy 2020.

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