Glamlite Cosmetics Just Launched a Pizza Eye Shadow Palette

Pizza fans, rejoice.

Here at Allure HQ, we're no strangers to makeup products (and hair colors, for that matter) inspired by food and beverages. But, generally speaking, most said beauty items will simply have food or drink-themed shade names or scents, such as Too Faced's entire collection dedicated to peaches. Instagram-favorite beauty brand Glamlite Cosmetics decided to go full on and take its love for pizza one step further with its new launch: the Pizza Palette.

Dubbed the "world's most delicious palette," the Pizza Palette is comprised of 18 ultra-pigmented eye shadows with shades like Extra Cheese (a warm-toned orange), Ham (a medium pink), and Marinara (a deep crimson), all of which you can clearly tell are named after popular pizza accouterments. Of the 18 shadows, there are seldom neutral colors, with most of the hues being electric shades like glittery purple, bright red-orange, bubblegum-pink, and more. It's for this reason that this palette is not only perfect for the pizza-lover in your life (yourself included) but would make for an amazing gift for someone who is super into experimenting with colorful makeup.

Shadows aside, the palette itself is shaped and designed to mimic the appearance of a pizza pie. And get this: It even comes packaged in a pizza box. (Clearly, the people at Glamlite Cosmetics go all in when it comes to themed makeup.)

According to Hello Giggles, who first reported on the Pizza Palette, it was the brand's Brooklyn-based founder, Gisselle Hernandez's, passion for pizza and makeup that made her want to combine her two loves. It took over a year to fully dream up and create the palette, but now it's perfect and exactly what Hernandez was hoping for.

The Pizza Palette retails for $40 and is now available on the brand's website, should you want to get a ~taste of the shadows for yourself.

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