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Global Largest Induction Lighting Supplier TZLIGHT Estimates Its 2020 Revenue On LED Lighting Will Exceed Induction Lighting

TAIZHOU, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2019 / Regarding the Chinese and Global largest Induction Lighting Supplier, Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd (TZLIGHT) announces their revenue on LED Lighting products has been equal to Induction Lighting Products till the end of Q3, 2019. By the trend, it will be no doubt that the LED Lighting products' income will exceed the one from Induction Lighting products in 2020.

Induction Lighting was always recognized as China's key technology in the lighting area, which let it compete with Western lighting technology. Since there's no electrodes of the Induction Lighting which leads to lifespan as high as 100,000 hours, the Induction Lighting technology is considered as the 4th generation light source together with LED Lighting. However, it turns out that the LED Lighting products have a greater development and have squeezed the Induction Lighting market a lot. Nowadays, people are mainly using LED Lighting products in their homes and on the streets. Induction Lighting has become a niche product which is left for few specific areas, for instance Induction High Bay Lighting used in factories, workshops and warehouses.

The data for Q1-Q3 2019 released by TZLIGHT verifies their main income of Induction Lighting products has been from the Niche market, namely the Induction High Bay Lighting where used for warehouses and workshops. TZLIGHT has been involved in the initial commercialization of Induction Lighting from the start, and it has been recognized as the largest supplier of Induction Lighting since 2018. Borgan Lin, CEO of TZLIGHT, doesn't deny the decrease in size of the Induction Lighting market. Nevertheless, he thinks that the role of Induction Lighting is more suitable now than it has been in the past. "Just like a man, should do for his skilled thing. Induction Lighting is a very soft surface light without glare, with its innate advantage of Industrial application. It's good enough to have it well done, even with a limited application area", said by Borgan, "Fortunately we have maintained a positive growth and gained a loyal group of customers over the years. We will not give up the market but will increase the investment instead. In the next decade, we will continue to better serve our Induction Lighting clients".

Another key player JKLIGHTING is experiencing this as well, and it seems that this is common phenomenon in the whole Induction Lighting industry. That's why 5 Years ago, the vision of the company TZLIGHT has been clear and it has launched its strategic shift to LED Lighting.

Compared to its superiority in the Induction Lighting area, TZLIGHT keeps a low profile in the LED Lighting market. However, with its the fast development of LED Lighting products, the company's revenue from LED Lighting products is approaching the one generated by its key product Induction Lighting. According to Borgan's release, they firstly entered into the LED Street Lighting area sourcing from their gene of Induction Industrial Lighting, then directly or indirectly participated in several African LED Street Lighting projects which funded by the World Bank, and received a good reputation. "In 2019, we are working on a better All In One LED Solar Street Light for easier installation, less investment and larger scale use of clean energy", said by Borgan Lin.

It is acknowledged that there's fierce competition in the LED Lighting industry especially when it comes to developed markets. TZLIGHT LED Lighting products have been focusing more on new emerging markets like Africa, Southeast Asia and South America, and new products have been created for a specific demand. For instance, the high efficiency LED Smart Rechargeable Bulbs were brought to prevent safety hazards and inconvenience when there was lack of electricity in some African countries. With a rapid development of 10 years, the series of TZLIGHT LED Lighting products have been relatively complete, whatever indoors or outdoors lighting.

Based on its market performance, we expect that TZLIGHT will continue to be leader in the field of Induction Lighting, but its revenue ratio will gradually get lower than the one from LED Lighting. Considering the wider applications and the bigger market size of LED Lighting, there will still be a big imagination space and exceptional growth for TZLIGHT. Not too far away, more new things like intelligent LED Lighting products are deserved to expect in the coming 5G era.

About Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd

Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd (TZLIGHT) is a leading LED and Induction Lighting manufacturer in China and the UK. The business of TZLIGHT is mainly on R&D for cost effective LED Lighting products and Induction Lighting products, supplying the market with the best lighting system for industrial and commercial lighting. Over the years TZLIGHT has established itself as a global leader in the Induction Lighting industry.

Contact Information Of Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd
Contact Name: Borgan Lin
Email: borgan@tzlight.com
Phone Number: +86 13626645066
Company Name: Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd
Website: www.tzlight.com

SOURCE: Taizhou Lumen Lighting Co., Ltd

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