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Global Learning XPRIZE finalist moves to helping underprivileged kids in the US

The Pubbly eLearning platform introduces short-form animated graphic novels to inspire the next generation of learners closer to home

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Learning XPRIZE finalist, NY-based Curriculum Concepts International (CCI), is moving to help underprivileged kids closer to home. Team CCI won a prize of $1 million dollars donated by Elon Musk with Pubbly, its home-grown eLearning design and production platform. Now they are shifting to help underprivileged kids in the US.

Josh Powe, strategic advisor for Pubbly, describes the situation, "Though we fell short of winning the grand prize, being involved in the XPRIZE competition was very exciting. Our team invested heavily both financially and with our hearts. The Pubbly design platform successfully demonstrated that it could be used to create apps that teach kids early literacy skills in remote regions of Africa. But, the question of what to do next was very much on everyone's mind."

Creative Director Susan Darwin adds, "We have long been aware that millions of kids are reading below grade level right here in the United States.  We also realized that, as a platform, Pubbly could be used to build and deliver high quality eLearning activities that might help to level the playing field. The open source nature of the design tools is another advantage, enabling creators to contribute unlimited content to the ecosystem. Everyone agreed. We should use the technology to create learning resources that engage and inspire kids across the US, particularly those from underprivileged homes."

Research suggests that highly visual materials with more complex themes are likely to appeal to children, especially those that may still be learning English and those with special learning needs. So the Pubbly team will begin by bringing classic literature and non-fiction to life with a series of short-form animated graphic novels designed specifically for educational use. By providing these graphic novels in digital format with voice overs, animation, sound effects, and other visual supports, the Pubbly graphic novel series will inspire the next generation of learners, even without a teacher always being present.

Pubbly is currently featured as a "Project we love" on Kickstarter at: http://bit.ly/pubblylaunch

About Pubbly
Based in New York, Pubbly is a new kind of educational technology platform that provides interactive content that fosters both learning and engagement. Pubbly has created an award-winning set of open source tools for developing interactive digital learning content such as animated books, lessons, games and even complete instructional programs. Content produced using Pubbly can be readily accessed on any internet-connected device (soon to be available at Pubbly.com and affiliated websites) or deployed as a native app for iOS and Android.

CONTACT: Susan Darwin, susan@pubbly.com


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