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Global Metamaterials and Metasurfaces Markets Report 2021-2031: A Multi-Billion Market Within the Next Decade with Product Advances in Radar and Lidar

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Dublin, Aug. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "The Global Market for Metamaterials and Metasurfaces to 2031" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

Metamaterials applications will represent a multi-billion market within the next decade with product advances in radar and lidar for autonomous vehicles, telecommunications antenna, 6G networks, coatings, vibration damping, wireless charging, noise prevention and more.

Metamaterials are artificially engineered structures with exceptional material properties (acoustic, electrical, magnetic, optical, etc.). They comprise arrays of resonators that manipulate electromagnetic waves or sound in ways not normally found in nature. Possessing customized dielectric properties and tunable responses they allow for excellent flexibility in a range of applications, their use enabling the manipulation of fields and waves at a subwavelength scale.

Initial R&D in metamaterials has focused on cloaking and light manipulation, but the last few years has seen applications development in:

  • Telecommunications

  • Acoustics

  • Sensors

  • Radar imaging

  • Optics (terahertz and infrared)

  • Coatings & films

  • Lidar systems for self-driving cars

  • Medical imaging.

They are key materials for improving the performance and coverage of high-speed, 5G and future 6G networks. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) based on metamaterials for coating objects in the environment, such as walls, ceilings, mirrors and appliances, will operate as reconfigurable reflectors or transceivers for massive access when equipped with active radio-frequency (RF) elements.

The reconfigurable surfaces would be able to provide more capacity to a user then they need it, with controlled energy consumption and circumscribed EMF to avoid interference from unconnected devices and to minimize their impact on the people around them.

There are now over 40 metamaterials product developers worldwide, who have received >$300 million in recent investment as the metamaterials market picks up again after a sluggish few years.

Report contents include:

  • Description of the global metamaterials and metasurfaces market in 2020.

  • Global revenue estimates to 2031 by markets.

  • Stage of commercialization for metamaterials applications, from basic research to market entry.

  • Market drivers, trends and challenges, by end user markets.

  • Metamaterials and metasurfaces roadmap.

  • Competitive landscape.

  • In-depth market assessment of opportunities for metamaterials in sound insulation, vibration damping, antennas, thermal management, wireless charging, transport communications, radar, sensors, autonomous vehicles, anti-reflective plastics, security screening, EMI, anti-reflection coatings, solar coatings, displays, soft materials and medical imaging.

  • In-depth profiles of 44 companies, including products, investments, partnerships and commercial activities. Companies profiled include Anywaves, Echodyne, Inc., Evolv Technologies, Inc., Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc, Kymeta Corporation, Lumotive, Phononic Vibes srl, Metamaterial, Inc. and Metawave Corporation.

  • Detailed forecasts for key growth areas, opportunities and user demand.

  • Revenues and activities by region.

  • Markets targeted, by product developers and end users.

Key Topics Covered:

1.1 Aims and objectives of the study
1.2 Market opportunity analysis


3.1 Historical metamaterials market
3.2 Recent growth
3.3 Global market revenues, current and forecast
3.4 Regional analysis
3.5 Market opportunity assessment
3.6 Investment funding in metamaterials
3.7 Future perspectives and prospects
3.8 Market and technology challenges
3.9 Industry developments 2020-2021

4.1 What are metamaterials?
4.1.1 Electromagnetic metamaterials
4.1.2 Metasurfaces Meta-Lens Metasurface holograms Invisibility cloaking and shielding Flexible metasurfaces Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS)
4.2 Types of metamaterials
4.2.1 Electromagnetic metamaterials Double negative (DNG) metamaterials Single negative metamaterials Electromagnetic bandgap metamaterials (EBG) Bi-isotropic and bianisotropic metamaterials Chiral metamaterials
4.2.2 Terahertz metamaterials
4.2.3 Photonic metamaterials
4.2.4 Tunable metamaterials Passive Active Self-programmable
4.2.5 Frequency selective surface (FSS) based metamaterials
4.2.6 Nonlinear metamaterials
4.2.7 Acoustic metamaterials
4.2.8 Graphene in metamaterials applications
4.3 Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

5.1 Global revenues for metamaterials, by market, 2017-2031 (Millions USD).
5.2 Acoustics
5.3 Communications
5.4 Automotive
5.5 Aerospace, Defence & Security
5.6 Coatings And Films
5.7 Solar
5.8 Medical Imaging
5.9 Touch Screens And Displays
5.10 Sensors

6.1 3M
6.2 Acoustic Metamaterials Group Ltd.
6.3 Alphacore, Inc.
6.4 Anywaves
6.5 BlueHalo
6.6 Covestro
6.7 Droneshield
6.8 Echodyne, Inc.
6.9 Emrod
6.10 Evolv Technologies, Inc.
6.11 EM Infinity
6.12 FVMat LTD
6.13 Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.
6.14 General Opto Solutions
6.15 Imuzak Co., Ltd.
6.16 Kymeta Corporation
6.17 Lumotive
6.18 Magment AG
6.19 Metaboards Limited
6.20 Metacept Systems
6.21 Metalenz
6.22 Metamagnetics, Inc.
6.23 Metamaterial, Inc.
6.24 MetaShield LLC
6.25 Metasonics
6.26 Metawave Corporation
6.27 Multiwave Technologies AG
6.28 Nahsai LLC
6.29 Nanohmics Inc.
6.30 NIL Technology
6.31 NKT Photonics A/S
6.32 PARC
6.33 Phoebus Optoelectronics LLC
6.34 Phononic Vibes srl
6.35 Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.
6.36 Pivotal Commware, Inc.
6.37 Plasmonics, Inc.
6.38 Protemics GmbH
6.39 Radi-Cool, Inc.
6.40 SensorMetrix
6.41 Sonobex Ltd.
6.42 Specom Oy
6.43 Teraview Limited
6.44 Vadient Optics



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