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Will GlobalCoin make us trust Facebook again?

Scott Thompson
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    My two bets
    Sure I have never lost trust in FB. On second thought shouldn’t I had to have some trust before i can can say never lost the trust ? Since I never had it can’t say I lost the faith Now I’m getting confused
  • k
    A gold backed currency will be pegged to gold. It could work if only used for international settlements with huge players.
  • D
    $1 Billion for Facebook.. 10 Million to be a node and 100 licenses sold..
  • J
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    Global coin that’s an idea we could end up with world bank over other world Banks in charge of other world banks and creat 100 more different currencies penny currency
  • W
    So instead of a cryptocurrency it's going to be a "unambiguouscurrency". No thanks, sorta defeats the purpose.
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    Conservative and Proud of It
    "It’s obvious that investors are still betting on crypto." Substitute "betting" with "gambling". If I can't use it to pay bills, pay the mortgage, buy food, etc., at worst it is monopoly money and at best it is a collectable, worth what someone else will pay cash for.
  • K
    No...facebook has already started their inevitable we line...
  • e
    Trust Facebook again ? Was that Jew EVER trustworthy ?